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Blah for 2002.08




It’s the end of an era. Tonight is my last night of MCSD class.


Now this is funny: Email Virus by D. Mahoney. (Found link at


If you wonder why this site has so few graphics, then just realize how painful it is to visit sites with lots of large graphics when your phone lines rarely give you better than 32K connection and you can’t afford any type of high-speed access.


That’s three!

I passed the third test for MCSD


We love that show Oblivious. We only wish that they filmed it around here so that we could get some cash for answering questions.


Oh the heartbreak! Oh the humanity! Oh the insanity!... whatever that means. Visits to this site have been on a steady decline since May. Too bad I’m more concerned with passing tests and finding a job.


Damn, why does time fly so fast?


C’mon, big money, big money, no whammy, stop!


When your stomach growls at you, do you growl back?


If this Web site is offline, then you won’t be able to read this.


What’s black and white and read all over? The same thing which makes your fingers look like you’ve been playing with charcoal.


<Goldmember-voice>I like new shooooes.</Goldmember-voice>


People are resourceful, not resources.


Just when you think you’ve seen it all.... It looks like there’s a new e-mail virus going around where message is telling you to watch out for a new virus, oh and while you’re at it, run this .exe to prevent getting infected. Yeah, like I’m going to protect myself from an e-mail virus by running an unknown executable from an unknown person. Sure, and why don’t you tell me to delete “aol.exe” from my hard drive because that’s a virus too.


Mmmm... I love me them Torengos.


Happy Birthday to my brother Adam!


I may sound like an infomercial, but those SpaceBags really do work well. They saved us a lot of space from old and winter clothes. Although, compressing that many clothes into one bag really makes the bag heavy.


“Why do we have so much stuff?” “I don’t know.”


You know how they say that you shouldn’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry because you’ll buy lots of stuff? Well you shouldn’t go to a discount warehouse club either, because then you’ll just buy lots of stuff in bulk.


Why is it that as cars (trucks & SUVs) get larger, parking spots get smaller?


I think I’ve become addicted to NewsRadio on A&E at 2 o’clock each day.


Yeah to monitor switch! ... ... ... Anyone wanna buy a monitor?


It’s a shame that they don’t have a Web site for me to link to; but, after so many years, Boca Wings & Ribs is still the best place for—well—wings and ribs (oh, and corn nuggets).


Who knew that you could make money while paying rent. Our sercurity deposits were in an interest gaining account, and now that we’ve moved out, we get back $1,297.26. Thank you Pine Tree Apartments!


What to do, what to say? What to say, what to do? To do, to say. To say what to do today. Do say what to do, and do what to say. Say today, do today. What to do, what to say?


Life isn’t always like a sit-com, sometimes it’s like a canceled sit-com.

Also, a haiku for a book? Sure, why not.