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Blah for 2002.09


Two income household (10 to 6 and 9 to 5:30). One car. You do the math.


The Checkershadow Illusion is one of the better optical illusions I’ve seen in a long time. (Found it at kottke.)


Just as little children need booster seats in restaurants, little old drivers need booster seats in their cars.


Have I become too busy to post even a little blurb? I hope not. Here’s one: Why does saran wrap cling to nothing else but itself?


First day at new job: done.


It’s like dial-up roulette. How many times do I have to connect and re-connect before I get a decent Internet connection.


An interview tomorrow! Wish me luck.


All right, fess up, who searched for “cuttlefish sauce” on my site?


This space unintentionally left blank.


You know, that Fox special: “Pyramids Live: Secret Chambers Revealed” would have been a whole lot more interesting if mummy curses were real and all hell would break loose Hollywood-style on live TV. That I’d watch.


I just thought of this: to look for sites that use CSS for layout, do a Google search for “This site will look MUCH better”. It’s an old Zeldman trick whereby you hide that text using CSS, but old browsers will still show it letting visitors know why the site doesn't look that fancy. Unfortunately search engines still see it, hence all the search results. Another similar phrase is: “but its content is accessible to any browser”.


One year later. The images still haunt our memories. Our hearts still weep for the victims. And we still feel strength that terrorist acts will not conquer our spirits or our freedom.


With a sigh of relief, and a feeling of joy, I passed my last test for MCSD.


Again... nothing. Sorry.


Nothing yesterday? Nope, and nothing today either... too much studying to do.


Yarg! My head’s gonna explode!

And speaking of heads, my brother got a haircut... and no longer looks “normal”.


This is funny. After all the years of waiting for Russia to ditch communism and switch to capitalism, now what do we do? We don’t pay them. Actually though, I guess that is how we run capitalism. “Don’t worry Russia, the check’s in the mail.”


Instead of the ill-fated That ’80s Show, I think that they should have done the four years of That ’70s Show and ended the series with the kids graduating and going their separate ways. Then, a season later, start That ’80s Show as ten or five years after graduation, with them reuniting, seeing what they’ve all been up to, and continuing in each other’s lives again.


Klaatu barada nikto.


Bah weep granah weep ninni bong.