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Blah for 2003.02


I don’t like growing old. I don’t like having terrible stomach and side pains. I don’t like going to the emergency room from 11pm to 3am. I don’t like finding out that I’ve got a 3 millimeter kidney stone. I don’t like having to pee through a strainer to catch said kidney stone. And I don’t like waiting for the pain that will eventually come with the passing of the kidney stone. Like I said, I don’t like growing old.


I passed my accounting exam! Wo-hoo!

Also... classic space Legos. My brother, Adam, sent me this link, and man... did we ever have a lot of these.


What have we become? We’re panicing over cologne, protesting the French (and even the word “french”) just because they don’t agree with us, and wanting to bomb people a lot worse off than we are. What’s going on? What have we become?


I’ve thought up of a new contest: try to be the best at being the worst of American Idol. Trying to do your best may not land you on TV if you’re just not good enough, but trying to be the absolute worst... now that could get you on their “worst of” show.


What no break between class semesters? No rest? No intermission? No lull? No reprieve? No time off? (And I know, all these synomyns aren’t helping me finish this semester’s homework any quicker.)


Today at work, Steve figured out why the government was advising Americans to buy duct tape and plastic sheeting. Plastics are made from oils (petrochemicals), and President Bush (and his buddies) came from the oil industry. So, there you have it.

Also, an updated take on “Duck and Cover”.


Today I was one of those last-minute-card-buying husbands. I hang my head in shame.

On a lighter note, my license plate frame arrived from Cafepress today.


Find the questions. Here are the answers (submitted by Ralph):

  1. Was it nice to hear or did you mean read?
  2. Was it all really about nothing?
  3. 20 Mexicans and 1 sweatshop. Go to Apply for a job at FOX television.
  4. Essentially, that would no longer be cleaning, but simply moving.
  5. You’re the one with a blue shirt and black pants/jeans.
  6. Yes, it was a tragedy. The crash on I-75 and Sheridan was also a tragedy.
  7. But isn’t that already a reality? I’ve seen some Miami locals do some pretty amazing things.
  8. At least I got to see them play one last time for free at Spec’s... sniff, sniff.
  9. Last year it was also because of the Britney Spears Half-time show.
  10. I didn’t, but then I did, and next I will.
  11. Yes, but what does the word “paid” mean really.
  12. I kept that pic on my Desktop for like 2 weeks (I was hoping it would finally end).
  13. <<BEEP>> Hi, uh, Joe. I was just calling to let you know I borrowed your car while you were out. Don’t freak out... but I put a little dent in the side. The mechnics SAY it’s total loss, but I know they’re full of crap. So, um, I guess I’ll see next weekend.
  14. I can't wait to buy the full DVD set for season 2 so that I may watch the entire season in 24 hours.
  15. You’re welcome.
  16. Lunch time?
  17. If you’re gonna comment on modern fads, be sure to patent it before everyone says it first. And yes, the Osbournes are a fad.
  18. Wrong, homework is never “due”. It is a priviledge your instructor has yet to receive. Does your teacher deserve your work?
  19. Personally, I would have responded to the last question with “To dominate the world”.
  20. We need to have a sit-down talk about the “Inherent War” and how you just score two points for the opposing team.
  21. See answer to #20.
  22. You’re only talking about those models on postcards that say, “Having a Whale of a time in Miami”, right? Because if they started pasting Heidi Klum everywhere, I wouldn’t mind bit. Actually, let’s take a moment now to reflect on Heidi Klum.
    Ok, that's good.
  23. I can’t wait!!
  24. Take your meal home? Why not just finish while it’s still in front of you?
  25. Are you trying to say I can go to concerts for free?!
  26. Actually, it might be because you’re moving faster than 24 frames per second (as sir Lucas recommends). If you’re shaving at, let’s say, 15 fps then you’d be missing out on a lot of footage.
  27. Se he bok mani paje se yo.


Today I got a visit (in my Inbox) from a dear old friend. Hello Onica! So nice to hear from you again.


These classes.... are stressing me out. (Said in the style of the Seinfeld “these pretzels are making me thirsty” episode.)


How do you make a toy? How do you get an idea produced, marketed, and distributed? How do you turn a million-dollar idea into reality?

Because I have one.



It seems to me that a better part of cleaning is simply moving your junk from one place to another.


10 points to those who can find my picture on the Lynn University Web site.


Another tragedy to the U.S. space program, Space Shuttle Columbia breaks up on re-entry.