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Blah for 2003.03


After such a long ordeal, it finally feels good to be getting back to normal health.

And for anyone interested (or has yet to go through it), having a stent removed doesn't hurt... though it does feel like you're urinating all over the doctor’s hands.


In the WTF category.... Who the hell would tell the mother of a four-month-old to put the kid up for adoption so that she could go to war? Article one, article two, and article three.

Also, another thing to keep an eye on: Firewalls may become illegal?


Here are some numbers:

  • 1: The number of kidney stones I’ve had so far.
  • 2: The number of times I’ve been to the ER for the above mentioned kidney stone.
  • 3: The size in millimeters they originally thought the kideny stone was.
  • 8: The size in millimeters they found out the kidney stone really was on my second trip to the ER.
  • 11: The time at night I went to the ER the second time.
  • 11: About the time the next morning I went into surgery to have the stone removed.
  • 5: The total number of times the nurses drew blood from my left arm.
  • 15: The total number of tries it took for the nurses to draw blood from my left arm (my vein likes to hide).
  • 30: About the number of minutes between trips to the bathroom now thanks to all this water I have to drink.
  • 30: Also the number of minutes between times when it feels like someone has hit me in the right kidney.


So I finally did read Who Moved My Cheese?, and you know what I realized? The RIAA is Hem.


I’ve tried to remain neutral, listening to arguments and having thoughts from all perspectives, but today on the news I saw Iraqis rejoicing as U.S. troops tore down posters of Saddam Hussein. Freeing those people just about makes this war worth it. But questions still remain. Will what's left for them when the war is over be worth it? And is the loss to family and loved ones of the casualties so far worth it?


As war looms, I try to assure myself: I do not live in a terrorist targeted city, I do not live in a terrorist targeted city, I do not live in a terrorist targeted city.


FYI: If you should happen to write me, and I don’t write back right away, go ahead and write me again. I probably missed it in the tons of spam I get.


So Judy has been reading the book Who Moved My Cheese?. I went and skipped ahead to the end. Turns out the butler did it.


As the days fly by, the minutes tick by slowly.


I’ve noticed that AOL has become less environmentally aware with their CD mailings. AOL sends sign-up CDs to just about every human on Earth. If that wasn’t bad enough, they’ve switched from sending just a piece of paper board and CDs wrapped in plastic to a steel tin (wrapped in plastic) containing the CD and other papers. So, now instead of just contributing to landfills, AOL is now increasing the bulk of the garbage they add to landfills.

And I know that the tin asks people to recycle it, but the odds of that happening aren’t that high (we’ve been keeping them, maybe to put ribbons in). Also, I thought that AOL was having financial difficulties. If so, wouldn’t they want to stick with the cheaper old version of just paper and a disc?


Happy Birthday to my wonderful wife, Judy.


Why does today feel like a Friday? Probably because tomorrow is my one earned (and first earned) vacation day for the year.


There is a difference between supporting one’s troops and supporting one’s President. Although someone may not agree with a President’s reasons for sending soldiers into battle, they should still support those soldiers and hope that they fight bravely, accomplish their missions, and return home safely.


I’ve been drinking so much water to pass this kidney stone... I feel like a fish.


Thank you WB for picking up Grounded for Life.