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Blah for 2003.04


I’m not sadomasochistic, I’m spamasochistic.


Happy 10th Birthday Mosaic. It’s hard to imagine where I would be today if Mosaic didn’t help facilitate the explosion and popularity of the Web.


Soon my pretty, you will be mine.

Picture of Alienware Area-51m notebook computer.


I’m going to coin a new phrase: “kottke overload”. It’s kind of like information overload, but it happens when Kottke goes to a conference. Damn that boy’s got a lot to say. I just wish I had the time to follow and read so many links and pages.


Oh yeah, that reminds me to write something today.

Oh, I have something.... The button on my e-mail program shouldn’t read “Get Messages”, it should read “Get Junk”.


For all those who enjoy it, Happy Easter.


Yes, I know, I should be doing my homework. Only one week left to go in this semester. Wo-hoo!


Work is so long, and life is so short.


The saying needs to be changed to: "Shit always happens".

Judy’s car after an accident.

Luckily, Judy is OK and not at fault.


It’s crunch time. My two classes are nearing completion, and papers and homework are weighing me down.


From the cover of a notebook Judy got a work today:

Ten Great Milestones of Life:

  1. The day you were born.
  2. Your first day of school.
  3. Getting your driver’s license.
  4. Taking the SAT.
  5. Your first love.
  6. Registering to vote.
  7. Graduating from college.
  8. Your first paycheck.
  9. Moving away from home.
  10. And the day you finally pay off your student loan.

For me, the last one is coming soon.... Party, party, party.


I’m just not very funny tonight.


Worse than going to the doctor or dentist, is going to one without any good magazines to read in the waiting room.


No.... No April Fool’s yesterday. I just keep getting held back with homework.