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Blah for 2003.05


Good quote from Ted Turner’s article on the upcoming FCC decision.

When you lose small businesses, you lose big ideas. People who own their own businesses are their own bosses. They are independent thinkers. They know they can't compete by imitating the big guys; they have to innovate. So they are less obsessed with earnings than they are with ideas. They're willing to take risks.


Well, I just made a big mistake on a public forum about a topic I used to be really interested in and know a lot about. Oh well, mistakes are good because we learn from them, but they just sting so much when they happen in public.


I don’t know which is worse, cleaning up your own vomit or someone else’s. I had experience of the former when I had my kidney stone and threw up twice (the first time I missed the toilet but made it to the sink). The latter I just had the experience of tonight.

Today Judy had her wisdom teeth removed. (If they’re so smart, why do they always need removing? OK, that’s my one joke for today.) I had mine removed while I was in high school, so I know what she’s going through. I just wish (and I’m sure she does as well) that pain medicine didn’t also have to make you feel nauseous. But then which is the lesser of the two evils? Nausea or pain?


I’m not so sure about this iWork idea. OK, it may work for some, but wouldn’t you just feel like a cog in the machine? Work is not separate from life. Does you’re life suddenly stop while your at work? Don’t you need someone of your personality at work? Without a pernament work space, where would you put your pictures of your loved ones, your decorations to brighten up your mood at work, or even your sticky notes of info you commonly need but don’t always remember?

That not a good enough reason against rotating cubicles? How about the cleanliness of your workspace? Who was the last one to use this keyboard before you? Someone who drops crumbs in it? Someone who gets the keys all slippery with hand lotion? Or worse, someone who picks their nose? Those are not thoughts I want to have while trying to work at a computer at work.


The good thing about having dial-up Internet access and a notebook computer is that a notebook’s battery is not affected by power outages, nor is the dail-up’s phone line.


I just noticed today that Google does a bad thing. They don't give a link back to their site from their 404 page.


With all of the goofs already found in The Matrix Reloaded, I thought of an excuse for all of them (or at least all of the goofs which occur inside of the Matrix).

It’s a similar excuse to the one used by Xena in that Simpsons episode with Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl. In the episode, at a Xena convention, a fan brings up annoying, mundane, show goofs, and Lucy Lawless summarizes them as “whenever you notice something like that... a wizard did it!” Considering the fantasy nature of the show, it’s a simple excuse for goofs.

Well, with The Matrix movies, the Wachowski brothers already built in a goof-excuse: the Matrix itself. So, anytime you see a goof in the movies, while the characters are in the Matrix, the reason is simple: it’s a glitch in the program.


My notebook computer has 512MB of memory. I have a 64MB USB thumb drive. I carry a small notebook and pen with me. But yet I’m still always forgetting things I try to remind myself of. Why? Because my mind only has about 5KB of memory—I’m sure of it.


Well what do you know? These GIANTmicrobes are a pretty cute idea.


Well, the process of switching from one computer to another as our primary machine has been taking quite some time. From now on I hope that I organize all my data better.


When we’re having our dinner, the dogs are starving. But when we put down their dinner, oh, then they’re not hungry.


Happy Mother’s Day to all my mothers (birth-, step-, -in-law, and grands).


Remember this: two medium pizzas are more than one large pizza. Ohh, my stomach is so full.


Why do I always miss the cool stuff?


From the wtf department: Today I saw an old lady flossing her teeth while driving. Flossing her teeth while driving! That is an activity which requires both hands! What was she driving with?


Once more we are heading into the gauntlet of classes.


“Why does everyone keep pulling in front of me?”

“Because they’re driving a Volvo.”


“And bad drivers drive Volvos.”

“So that they can survive to drive bad another day?”



It’s X-Men 2 time baby!


I almost wish Alienware didn’t have an online Order Status page... because watching it sit in Quality Control is driving me crazy with anticipation.