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Blah for 2003.06


Class is over and I am back. Did you miss me? No? I wouldn’t doubt it.

In other news, spamming people’s guestbooks or weblog comments is despicable.


It’s crunch time on my paper for class. Goodbye, for now.


So, yesterday we were at the mall. We were at the mall, and we walked by a pay phone. We walked by a pay phone, and it was ringing. It was ringing, and I picked it up. I picked it up, and I said: “Get out of the Matrix while you still can.” And then I hung up the phone. I hung up the phone, and laughed. I laughed, but then I began to wonder. I wondered, just who was on the other end?


Somebody tell me.
Why it feels more real when I dream than when I am awake,
How can I know if my senses are lying?

Kid’s Story


If they don’t want you talking on a cellphone while driving because it distracts you and may increase the chance of an accident, then why are there signs along the highway which say: “Travel Information, Dial 511”?


Good point. Just how often do people check the credit card signatures?


Whoa! The css Zen Garden is getting some great styles!


At work I have become known as the Wasp Slayer. (Pause for dramatic music.)

Well... not really. But considering that I’ve killed three of them in just two days, maybe I should be. Or maybe we should find out why we’ve got so many wasps in our office.


While waiting for the preview trailer at the end of The Matrix Reloaded, and while watching the near endless list of names in those credits, I commented to Judy that it might be funny if, while watching the credits scroll by, I were to yell out, “there I am!” Although, now reading about the generosity of Keanu Reeves, I wish I really was in the credits.