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Blah for 2003.07

2003.07.31 is trying to find the “web’s favourite colour” by averaging the colors in all the images sent to it. Wont’t you help?


Yes, Bob Hope’s passing is very sad, but newspeople, please stop saying “100 Years of Laughter”. Just because he was 100 years old doesn’t mean that he was a comic celebrity the moment he came out of his mother’s womb.


I thought of a new bumper sticker today: We’re not in jail, and I’m not your bitch, so get off my ass.


Please allow me a moment to break out into song.

Happy days, are here again!
The State is coming out on DVD,
Gonna be a party on my tv,
Happy days are here again!

Thank you, thank you very much.


After previous numerous computer freezes durring mid-install, and now over two hours of downloading and installing, my computer finally has all it’s Windows Updates. Despite Microsoft’s claims, it’s not a painless process, especially if you’ve only got dial-up Internet access.


So the last time I posted here was also the last time I at in front of my computer. Five days. Wow.


Previous times I’ve been sick like today? 2002.11.29 and 2002.10.26. Well, looks like it’s been a while.


Though you may see nothing here, there is still progress happening elsewhere.


Browser Wars II: The Saga Continues is well worth reading (as well as its comments) at Definately check it out.


Sheesh... talk about writer’s block.


Back in the era when color TVs were replacing black and white TVs, there were always those families too poor to afford to upgrade to color TVs from B&W TVs. We feel like one of those poor families, except this is the era of broadband Internet connections replacing dial-up Internet connections.


Happy 4th of July! Just don’t nobody go losing an eye.


So, recently somebody came to my site and searched for “words of encouragement to a kidney stone patient”. Unfortunately, they didn’t find any results for that phrase. So, if they ever come back again (or if anyone else comes looking), here are a few “words of encouragement to a kidney stone patient”: Peeing feels so much better once it’s gone and passed. Oh, and make sure you always drink lots of water (you don’t want it coming back).