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Blah for 2003.10


Well, it’s get serious time again. I spent almost the whole weekend playing computer games while Judy spent it studying for her final exam and completing her paper. But now the time for celebrating the end of one class is over, as this week I start a new semester of two classes. (Two classes, what the hell am I thinking?)


A List Apart is back baby! And they’ve got some good new Web tips and techniques there.


Like optical illusions? Akiyoshi’s illusion pages has tons of them, with some really amazing ones.


So, who tried to lick their elbow? (See yesterday’s blah.)


Did you know that it is physically impossible to lick your own elbow?


Why can you not fold a piece of paper in half more than seven times?

No, I don’t know, I’m asking.


Today on Apple’s home page: “Hell froze over.” Apple has now released iTunes for Windows. Sweet.


It seems like Lynn University’s nighttime course schedule is based upon astrological charts. Some classes are only offered when Saturn is in the house of Aquarius and others only when Mars is in ascension. Simply put, I’m feeling a bit like a star-crossed student while trying to figure out my schedule to see when I’ll graduate.


Kill Bill seems to be obscenely bloody for the sole purpose of being obscenely bloody. It’s even comically bloody at times. Kind of like an Itchy and Scratchy episode. It’s also entertaining as hell. We can’t for Volume 2 to come out.


How does this sound for a car bumper sticker: “Help Wanted: Inquire Within”?

Oh yeah, another thing I just remembered. Today a telemarketer called us. This telemarketer had a thick accent, and once I realized it was a telemarketer I asked her if this was a telemarketing call. Before she replied I told her that we’re on the Do Not Call list. I told her that they could get fined for calling us and I proceeded to ask what the company’s name was so that I could write it down. She hesitated, told me, then—obviously coming to her senses—she quickly hung up the phone. I didn’t really write down the name of the company (and now I forget what it was), but just the fact that I got the telemarketer to hang up so quickly made for a hilarious (and triumphant) moment.


Last night I had a dream that California called for another recall election. That the 45% of the people who wanted to keep Davis decided that losing wasn’t good enough. That, like the trend has become in the U.S., they decided to file law suits seeking to get what they wanted rather than what most of the other people wanted. And what’s worse, in my dream they wanted more options (more candidates) to choose from in the next recall election.


I would just like to say “thank you”. Thank you Eolas. Thank you Microsoft. Thank you U.S. patent system. And thank you to the federal judge who’s ruling helped further bring this about. To all of you I would just like to say “thank you” for fucking up the Web experience for over 90% of the population. (Here’s some references from: The Web Standards Project, Mezzoblue, Tom Gilder’s Blog, Zeldman, ZDNet Australia, Ray Ozzie’s Weblog.)


Interesting. Apart from experimental or artistic Web sites, it’s not often that you see (or at least I see) a site which will split a word with a hyperlink. Astronomy Picture of the Day did it today with the word “International” by only linking the “national” part. OK, maybe it’s not that interesting. I’ll try better next time.


No time to chat now, I’m studying Matrix Revolutions trailers and TV spots. Go get your own and study along.