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Blah for 2003.11


In case I’m too busy today with eating and homework, let me just quickly say “Happy Thanksgiving”.


It’s about time our government takes a stand for the people rather than for corporate interests, considering that the government is supposed to be of the people, by the people, for the people. But then again, it’s not like we could expect government support for the people to last that long.


Solar powered Web hosting? Sure, it sounds like an environmentally good idea, but it sure does allow for a lot of jokes, such as: “Is my site down when it’s raining?” (Found the link on


After much searching of Web sites, DVDs, and clues, I finally got past the 128-bit encryption access panel* on the Matrix site. And what did I get for a reward? A secret message which said: “Be sure to eat your Tastee Wheat.”**

* The 128-bit encryption access panel is one of the secret items on the Matrix Web site. In the high bandwidth version of the site, open the options tab on the right, click on the right-most button to unveil a green button, and click on that. Now at the binary access panel (click to slide open the panel cover), use the toggle switches to input the binary number “01101111”, and then press the enter button. Now at the hexadecimal access panel, use they look-up table provided to enter the hex code “0AC01BFA”, and again press the enter button. You are now at the 128-bit encryption access panel. Good luck.

** For those who don’t get this joke, go watch A Christmas Story when Ralphie gets his Little Orphan Annie decoder ring.


How come conservatives (Republicans, etc.) don’t care about environmental conservation?


Ah shit, look where we live, right in the heart of Bush territory (South Florida).


Thursday night we saw The Matrix Revolutions, and though I would like to write all of my thoughts on the movie and the trilogy, time (and my rambling narrative nature) prevents me from doing so. However, I will say that I found it very enjoyable, thrilling, and entertaining. I’m glad that they didn’t answer all of the questions in the movies (from the very first movie they wanted us to free our minds and think for ourselves, I would have been disappointed if they answered everything, made it simple, and took the mystery away), and I’m sure that I’ll like it more the more I see it and the more I see into it.

(And if you do want to read good discussion items about the movie, check out Kottke’s comments thread. There may be many critics there, but there’s also lots of good thinkers with thought-provoking ideas.)


Today Judy saw a great bumper sticker: “Don’t hit me, my son is a lawyer.” Although mentioning it now, this person might sue me for copyright violation. Fair use! Fair use!