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Blah for 2004.02


Explain it to me please. Why would you make a statue that’s taking a picture of other statues?

Statues @ Lynn University, Boca Raton, FL.


This morning we checked out the Weather Channel to see if it would be cold out. The lady was talking about the western states, and she said that the snow would be coming down “hot and heavy”. “Hot and heavy”!? If snow is coming down hot, wouldn’t that be rain?

Um, that’s all I got.


How depressing. At work I finally installed that Google toolbar, and visiting my own site, I saw that it’s got terribly low page ranks. I need some links.


I’m wondering how funny it would be to visit The Holy Land Experience with a group of Goths, Mansonites, etc.? They don’t need to actually provoke anybody in the park; just create lots of stares, gossip, and controversy.


When we win the lottery (I say “when” because, you know, you’ve got to think positive), our kitchen is going to have two levels of counters and sinks. One, at the normal height, and one a half-foot higher. Why? Well, when you’re as tall as I am (6'2"-something), bending over the sink to do dishes can real take a toll on your back.


So, with another class finished, I now have a week until my next night class starts (the first of March). Since this next class should be a fairly easy one, I plan to spend the free time I’ll have during the eight-week semester on redesigning and improving this site.

To help me get the redesign done within this eight-week period, I plan to do most of this redesign process “live”. This means that, rather than develop the site on my local computer and then upload it when it is all finished, I’m going to be uploading the work as I get it done each (hopefully) night. Unfortunately, this means that, at times, my site may look “broken” to any casual visitors. Well, that’s a risk I’m going to have to take for this experiment in redesign.


When you get the time, Big and Bad: How the S.U.V. ran over automotive safety is a good article about how people can fool themselves into a false sense of security.


Ask, (and then do some searching like you should have done in the first place), and ye shall receive: DictionarySearch extension for the Mozilla browser. (On 2004.01.08 I said that this would be a good idea, turns out I wasn’t the only one to think so.)


Ready to be depressed? Then read A Letter From The Future. It has to deal with the fact that our civilization is built upon a non-renewable energy source, and that this energy source is expected to run dry within the next century (and that we are so not prepared for this). And if you want more like that, read Life After The Oil Crash.

Done reading that? Want some cheering up? Want to laugh again? Then read this: The Viagra Prank.


Tonight on HBO at 7:30: When Good Producers Make Bad Movies (a.k.a. Kangaroo Jack).


Is it Friday yet?


In my Corporate Finance class, we’ve learned that the primary goal of financial management in a corporation is “to maximize the current value per share of existing stock”. Currently, Google’s primary goal seems to be to provide the most accurate search possible (and to “don’t be evil” as stated in a Wired article). So what happens when (or if) Google goes public? Will their primary goal shift to making money instead of making a useful search engine? Will paid rankings dominate search results? Who knows? Yahoo! used to be on top of the search engine market, but then Google replaced them. Maybe if Google does go public and eventually gives way to money rather than results, someone else will come in to take Google’s top position.


What if you made fortune cookies with Magic 8 Ball sayings? Instead of getting a fortune, people would get “All signs point to no”, or “Ask again later”, or “Outlook not so good” (and this last one would be funnier with lottery numbers on the back).


Not only does this article, “No SARS in Georgia” give some good descriptions of how evolution was witnessed in action during the SARS outbreak, but it also ends with a sharp view on what’s going horribly wrong with our education system. The United States may have been on top of the world during the industrial age, but in the upcoming biotech age, we may not be if this continues. Want more proof?


Turns out that the Star Wars DVDs will be of the Special Edition version of the movies. This is because the Special Edition is the version of Star Wars that George Lucas always wanted to make but didn’t have the techonology for at the time. To me, that’s like a mother giving her teenager human growth hormones because she wanted a taller kid but they didn’t have the technology when the child was born. Oh, wait, that’s already happening.

Still, I think both original and Special Editions should be on the DVDs... and that Han shot first.


On the way to work today I was stopped at an intersection while a funeral procession went through with police escort. So it seems that unless you’re some famous diplomat or something, the only way you’ll get a police escort through an intersection is if you’re dead.


I’m sorry, but this doesn’t impress me: The Star Wars Trilogy on DVD. After waiting all this time we only get a four-disc set?! I mean hell, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring was only one movie, and it had a four-disc collectors set. I would expect at least a six-disc set—a whole special features disc for each movie.

I’m sure that this DVD release will come in both widescreen and fullscreen formats, but what this article also fails to mention is whether or not these will be the original or Special Edition movies. Or will both versions be on the discs so that we can choose which we want to see? Also, though I may ask for these DVDs for a Christmas gift, I’m not going to spend my money on them. Episode III still needs to come out, and after that they’re bound to come out with some type of a 12- or 18-disc special collector’s edition. That’s what I would spend my hard-earned money on.


So, just strolling around the Web today, I come across this hilarious post on Why I Think My Cat Is On Acid.


What a rip-off. I wanted to try those new black and white M&M’s, but when I bought a bag, it was only filled with green ones. I feel robbed.


Make no doubt that the terrorists did succeed in their goal of altering our lifestyles. We have been losing our rights, privacies, and various subtleties of a “free society” ever since that tragic 11th day of September 2001. Here’s just some samples of the evidence:

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
- Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759.


Now that’s a cool, if not geeky, idea: name your son 2.0 instead of Jr or II. Although, if you want to be evil as well as geeky, you would name him 2.1, and always tell him that he had an older brother who wouldn’t behave.


Is this a part of living in the modern-, technological-, gadget-age? Over the past few days, every so often (and not very often), I would occasionally hear a little beep-beep (although, more like “bleep” than a “beep”). I have no idea where this beeping is coming from, nor what it is coming from. So far, that last two times that I’ve heard it, it seems to happen at fifteen minutes past the hour. Although, I haven’ve figured out yet if it’s fifteen minutes past every hour. So, is this just one of those modern mysteries? Some gadget somewhere likes to make two quick beeps whenever it feels like it? And for no particular reason? Maybe one day I’ll find out. Hmmm, it’s almost fifteen minutes past the hour, I should go listen/hunt for it.