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Blah for 2004.07


Which looks cooler, blue LEDs or red LEDs? I’m thinking blue.


Well, it looks like I’m going to be late with my Summer 2004 Burn It mailings. I didn’t mean to be. I was good and on time with the last one, and I had planned to give myself more time for this one, but time has a way of catching up with you real fast.

First it started with Judy’s family visiting for almost all of July (where even simple stuff like gathering for dinner and then getting home would take hours). Then I was sick twice this month (and completely stuck in bed the second time). Plus there was that three-day Disney weekend in Orlando, and now again this weekend we’re heading back to Orlando for my brother’s graduation. Throw in some night classes, and we wind up with July being a very busy and hectic month.

And now here I am with just a few days left. With class tonight, packing tomorrow night, and leaving early for Orlando Friday afternoon, I know now that my Burn It mailings aren’t going to go out until after the July 30th deadline. My apologies to my group.


Have I mentioned before how much I hate being sick? Yes, it looks like I have. Except this time, let me also mention how extremely much I hate vomiting.


Now that I’ve found some free time, here’s a photo from last weekend’s Disney trip.

Judy’s family group photo outside China in EPCOT.


I hate morning/shower amnesia. Like when you’re so tired you forget whether you washed your hair or not. I think I did, I always do as routine... but I just can’t seem to remember.


Tonight our families enjoyed my birthday dinner at the Mai-Kai.

Joe & Judy @ Mai-Kai gardens.


Mission: SPACE is very fun, if a bit queasy. Space Mountain is very fun, if a bit fearful that my tall head will get chopped off. Taking video of our ride on Big Thunder Mountain is very fun, if a bit saddening that my digital camera lens got sprayed with water. Vacationing at the Disney parks with my wife’s family (11 people total) is very crazy, if a bit fun.

P.S.: Using the Internet from our hotel room is a bit fun, if very hard with a beat-up keyboard.


I have not yet been to a Wal-Mart where I haven’t had to squeeze past pallets of inventory to walk down an aisle; where there hasn’t been a spill of liquid, food, or clothes on the floor; or where they haven’t given me twice as many bags as I actually need to carry out my purchases. Needless to say, I haven’t yet had a good experience at Wal-Mart.

You get what you pay for, and at Wal-Mart their prices are as cheap as crap, because that’s what you get.


Please people, why do we have to be a nation living in fear, suspicion, and intolerance? Please read “Humiliated, Angry, Ashamed, Brown” by Ian Spiers, and check out his site.


Just how much sleep does the human body really need in a night? What do they usually recommend, eight hours? What about seven, or six? How about just over five hours? Is that OK? I hope so. If not, well then I’ll have to try better tonight to get more sleep.


My poor wife. My poor, poor wife. My mother-in-law is driving her up the walls. You know, not literal walls like Spider-Man, but mental walls. You know, driving her crazy. My poor, poor wife.


Water irrigation, Boca Cove Condominium style:

Sprinkler shooting water jet straight up to ceiling above it.


Today, the Department of Homeland Security issued a statement about possible terrorist threats. Tom Ridge said:

Credible reporting now indicates that al Qaeda is moving forward with its plans to carry out a large-scale attack in the United States in an effort to disrupt our democratic process.

Translation: the terrorists are going to enact the Patriot Act II.


A must read: “Open Source Life”.

What happens when a bio-cracker unleashes a plant virus on all the wheat in North America, and the genetic code to "Wheat 2.0" is closed-source, patented code owned by a corporation? Should life be Open Source?


A great sequel to a great fan film, check out (and vote for) Pink Five Strikes Back.


The in-laws are in town.... Enough said.


Happy 228th birthday U.S.A.!

Photo of fireworks.


Tiny Egyptians are living on Mars!

Photo of a pyramid-shaped object on Mars, with an inset showing any Egyptian eye symbol on it.

It’s the evidence NASA doesn’t want you to see! It’s the truth George W. Bush doesn’t want you to know! It’s a conspiracy in the making! (Er, um, at least I’m making it so.) See more evidence for yourself.


Come on people! It’s time to drop Internet Explorer for a better browser. Firefox and Opera are great alternatives (and Safari if you’re on a Mac, but then the rest of what I’ve got to say here doesn’t really apply to you anyways).

This time though, it’s not just a bunch of us hokey web developers bitching and moaning because IE doesn’t support the cool tools we want to use. No, this time BusinessWeek (see also), the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team, and even Microsoft-owned Slate are saying that IE is just too much of a security threat to continue using.

Let me repeat that for those of you in the back: Internet Explorer is just too much of a security threat to continue using. There, now, get a better browser.


I can’t believe I missed it last night (well, actually I can since I had class last night), but Cassini has finally entered orbit around Saturn. Way to go! And now that we’ve got DSL, I can keep up with all the images and video that will Cassini will be sending back.

As a side note, though I understand that they wouldn’t want to risk the spacecraft, I still think it would’ve been cool to have Cassini go through the Cassini Division (the large gap between rings A & B, as seen in the photo below).

Photo of Saturn from Cassini’s approach.