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Blah for 2004.08


They say that they haven’t developed computers capable of artificial intelligence yet, but I tend to doubt that. How else can you explain the way that computers know exactly when you’re the most busy, and then choose that time to freeze or crash?


When hurricane season comes around, it seems like many of us Floridians turn into arm-chair meteorologists.


What’s on tonight?
Nothing? I thought it was Thursday.
It is.
Isn’t it “must see TV”?
Nope. Friends is over. Now it’s “mustn’t see TV”.


Pardon the ramble, but it’s the way these thoughts came into my head...

So, I see in mezzoblue’s dailies today: “Can You Type?”.

Hmm... let’s see what this is.

Wait a second, this looks like this other site I had seen doing something like this (making a picture purely of type). I remember that there was another site because 1) the submitted pictures where of much better quality (and looked completely and purely type while some on this new site look like they use illustrations or photo backgrounds), and 2) I had submitted an image.

What was the name of that other site? (Find the image I made... I called it “yourself_in_type”... search my regular link resources for “yourself in type”... nothing... search google... not much but...)

I find mezzoblue near the top of the results.

Click quickly and... hey, why’s mezzoblue in Bobby? And all the links of Bobbied-mezzoblue link to more Bobby tests. (OK, fine, I’ll have to find the link by hand on mezzoblue).

But meanwhile... wasn’t I noticing lots of Bobby referrers in my logs when I was just looking at them today? Wait a second, could it be that Google, while indexing pages, is following our validation links, and, since Bobby redisplays the content of the page you’re checking, Google sees that and indexes it also (and, in the case of this mezzoblue find, the Bobbied version is higher ranking than the plain mezzoblue version (which shows up on page 2 of the results)).

Wow, what a curious behavior. I wonder that the significance (or if not so significant, than just what the philisophical interpretations) of this could be? Hmm, it’s something to think about.

Oh, and by the way, the other site with images made of type was in mezzoblue’s January 22, 2004 dailies, but that site doesn’t seem to be around right now.

Oh, and if you’re also wondering about my submission for the old site, here it is:

Image made only with type.

Update: 2004.08.26:
Turns out I was wrong (about the “Can You Type?” thing, not the Google indexing Bobby test results thing, which is still damned interesting). Turns out both images-of-self-made-only-of-type sites are from Tony Rimmer. He’s simply restarted the project (and has added more submissions since last night).


It gets no better than The Onion’s 2004 Election Guide.


You ever have the feeling that some things are built like a sandcastle, and you know another wave could be approaching at any moment?

Not to say anything bad about where I work, but I was just wondering.


I’m recently being reminded of something my supervisor at my previous job said (a few weeks before the company closed down):

You know that we work in a volatile industry, right?


A celebration is in order. I’ve finished my statistics exam, thus finishing that class and leaving me with only two classes remaining to graduate from Lynn University.

In other news, tonight FOX is showing four episodes of Family Guy (and they’re bringing the show back with new episodes in 2005, as well as a new show—American Dad—by Family Guy’s creator, Seth MacFarlane). I guess this pretty much means that FOX is saying “Yup, we fucked up. We had a great show, moved it around a lot, didn’t really give it a chance, and then dropped it. Turns out people really liked it. Boy, don’t we look stupid.” Yes FOX, yes you do look stupid. (P.S.: Thank you [adult swim] for keeping the Family Guy torch lit all these years.)


Here’s some things to get upset about, if you feel so inclined:

Olympic brand-whoring attains new, shameful low.
Olympic spectators are being turned away if they have items (food or drinks) from competitors of their sponsors.
Ferry guard needs to confiscate a book.
A guy trying to get on a ferry boat is told that a book in his bag needs to be confiscated for his own safety.


Funny: Cinematic Supervillan Showdown. Jason vs. Freddy. Alien vs. Predator. Darth Vader vs. Norman Bates?


Hurricane Charley visited my brother Adam in Orlando today.

Doppler radar image of hurricane over Florida.


The optimist in me says that Hurricane Charley will either miss us, or it will weaken as it moves over land if it tries to hit us.

The pessimist in me says that it’s been a long time since a hurricane has hit us, and that our luck can’t last forever.

The satirist in me says that hurricanes are an invention of Home Depot and Publix in order to get rid of their excess inventory of plywood and bottled water.


Ever have one of those evenings where you just don’t feel like doing anything?

Yeah, me too.


Have you ever experienced people who answer the phone and don’t give you enough of their voice for you to figure out who it is? They’ll answer with just a “hey” or a quick “hi” that’s barely more than a grunt. And then when you take a guess at who you think it is, or ask for the person you’re calling for, they get offended when you don’t recognize who you’re talking to.


Well, it’s been both a busy and a relaxing weekend. It’s also been a weekend mostly away from the computer and the Internet. But, now the weekend is over.


I finally requested my absentee ballot(s) for the year. Have you? (Find out why you should.)


“What, no blah today?”

Nope. I’ve got a statistics exam to study for.


Congratulations to my brother Adam for beating me to college graduation.

Adam graduating.