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Blah for 2004.11


Well, turns out the hosting transfer didn’t work out so well after all. Had a bit of a problem with the e-mail there for awhile. My fault really. Making a new e-mail alias for each new thing you sign up for on the Web is a good idea to keep track of who sells you out to spammers, but it’s not such a good idea when you have re-input them all into a new host.


You like being a smartass, don’t you?
Beats being a dumbass.


Well, looks like the host switch went off without too much trouble. Or, at least it did if you’re reading this.


Over the next few days, this site will be transfered to a new Web host. In this time, this site may experience some problems. Please bear with us.


Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s hoping that you gorge yourself until you have to unbuckle.


Stop the Internet! Late breaking news has just arrived!

Today our boss took the company out to lunch. It’s amazing! It’s a miracle! Set the headline, 72 point Helvetica Extra Bold! Start the lighted marquee! Cue the music!

“This is the dawning of the age of aquarius—”

—no, wrong music...

“Ding dong, the witch is dead, the witch—”

—still wrong...

(“O Fortuna” by Orff begins...)

OK, that’s better.

So, what brought about this sudden good forture, this unexpected act of generosity, this astounding event? Could it have been that he was visited last night by three ghosts? Or did his heart grow three sizes? Or did he finally get that Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle? Or could it even have just been that it’s cheaper to take the company out to lunch now that there’s only a few of us left after the countless layoffs and downsizing? Who knows!

(OK, all jest aside, it was a nice (though surprising) lunch.)


Congratulations on the engagement of our friends: Ralph and Jenny!


After returning to work after a week-long vacation, you know what I realize I miss? Um... not going to work. (What else did you expect?)


Hi. It’s been a long time. I know, and I’m sorry. I just didn’t get a chance to tell you that were were going away to Las Vegas for a whole week. We were busy, what with packing for a week-long vacation. As well, we were so busy in Vegas, that I never had a change to get online nor to post here.

But we’re back, and I brought pictures and notes.

We stayed in the Luxor, in a hotel room in the pyramid. Outside, the room overlooked the Sphinx and the airport. Inside, the hallway overlooked the pyramid’s atrium (at 29 million cubic feet, the “largest open atrium in the world”).

Photo of exterior of Luxor at night.

Photo overlooking Luxor’s atrium.

Las Vegas is quite an amazing city... along the Strip at least. That’s pretty much where we kept our tourist activities to. It’s amazing just how huge each hotel/building is. It’s amazing the vast and decorative structures income from gambling can build. And it’s also amazing all the activities there are even if you don’t gamble.

Photo overlooking the Las Vegas Strip, south.

Of those activities, we saw as many as we could, including: The water fountains at the Bellagio, the Sirens of Treasure Island, the Mirage Volcano, Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay, the observation deck at the Stratosphere, the Eiffel Tower Experience at Paris, the wax museum and gondola rides at the Venetian, the lion habitat at MGM Grand, and more.

Photo of Joe & Judy at the Bellagio at night.

We also saw quite a few shows, including: Zumanity, The Blue Man Group, and Penn & Teller.

Photo of Joe & Judy with Teller.

Photo of Joe & Judy with Penn Jillette.

We had a very busy week, and though we were very tired by the end of it, we can’t say that we were in a hurry to get back home.

Photo of Joe & Judy at the Las Vegas Strip at night.


You often hear about the difficulty of having to choose between the lesser of two evils, but what about the opposite? How often do you hear about the difficulty of having to choose between the greater of two goods? How do you determine which great offer is better than the other? And how do you turn down one great offer for the other?

(Oh, and these pros vs. cons lists aren’t really helping when both offers are equally (though differently) great.)


Gotta love The Onion: “Nation’s Poor Win Election For Nation’s Rich”:

The economically disadvantaged segment of the U.S. population provided the decisive factor in another presidential election last Tuesday, handing control of the government to the rich and powerful once again.


Last night we saw The Incredibles. It was another one of Pixar’s great movies. It wasn’t as much a comedy as an action-comedy (plenty of laughs sure, but just as much action as well). And some parts were reminiscent of old James Bond movies (the whole villan with a suped-up lair on a hidden island with lots of henchmen type of thing).

Also, I’m wondering if John Ratzenberger has like 49% stock in Pixar, because he has a part in every single one of their movies.


Why does real life have to keep getting in the way of my Uru time?


There’s one thing about being re-elected: you can’t blame your current problems on the previous administration.


If George W. Bush gets re-elected, I will no longer refer to him as “President Bush”. I will call him “King George”.


You know what you don’t get when you vote absentee? An “I Voted” sticker. But then again, you also don’t get the worries that electronic voting machines are crashing or lying.