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Blah for 2004.12


Well, we finally sat down and made our donation to American Red Cross Disaster Relief. You should too, if you can.


Wal-Mart’s motto should be: “Our prices are so low, even people who’ve been run out of business by us can afford them.”


Christmas photos are now up at Flickr!


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christams ornament hanging from a Christmas tree.


I wish I could just sleep through all of tomorrow (Friday) and wake up on Saturday. And I think you know why.


Seeing the Victoria’s Secret winter catalog, I’ll say one thing for the models and photographers: they could probably make burkas look good.


Congratulations to us! We are now homeowners. We closed today on my grandmother’s old house.

A photo of our new home.

P.S.: What have we gotten ourselves into!?


It’s beginning to feel like something. What, I don’t know yet....

Joe setting up our Christmas tree.


Add this to the Odd Sign collection: “Scrub Jay Xing”. Obviously this Scrub Jay is a bird, and from the illustration, it’s obviously one that can fly. So, why are cars concerned if this bird is crossing, likely flying, by?

Road sign indicating a bird called Scrub Jay crosses in the area.


Well, I didn’t have much free time to spare (or much time left before the holidays are over), but I finally created a holiday design: “Snowflakes”.

(Thanks go out to P22’s free Snowflakes font.)


Yesterday I had to do some shopping at the mall. At one store, the cashier was asking people “May I have your home phone number, area code first”, before she would ring up their purchases. Usually when stores do this (and I’ve told my wife to do this as well), I just change one digit when I give them our number.

Well, this time was different. This time I had better, funnier, idea. When I got up to the counter, she asked: “May I have your home phone number, area code first?” I replied: “5, 6, 1... 1, 2, 3... 4, 5, 6, 7.” By the time I got to the “6” and the “7” we were both laughing, and she just typed in the numbers anyways.


It really makes you wonder. Last night, around 8:30 to 9:00 prime time TV (when kids are still up and watching), there was at least one commercial for a medicine with a warning about “if your erection last for more than four hours”. But then later, around 10:30 to 11:00 (when kids should be asleep), there was at least one commercial for some mini remote controlled cars which were clearly targeted to (and staring) kids. Oh, and both these commercials were on the same channel.


Why does FOX even bother? They move Malcolm in the Middle to 7:30 Sundays. Then they show football and preempt (not postpone) Malcolm in the Middle every single night. They’re the only one who shows Malcolm in the Middle (it’s not like they’re tuning into someone else’s broadcast to show it), why not postpone it instead of preempting it? You can’t even watch the show when the first half is cut off. Why don’t they just put it out if it’s misery and cancel it already (like they’ve done to so many other good shows [examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc.]) instead of torturing it so?


Ugh. Is there anything more annoying than Web connection problems? It’t annoying me, and I know it’s not my computer or my Web site(s). And it annoys me too much to gripe about.


The problem may not be that young people (or most people) think that they’re immortal. The problem may be that they don’t realize just how long they may live. If you think that you’re not going to live long past 40 or 50, then you’ll probably do things with your body/finances/career that you wouldn’t do if you knew you were going to live to 80 or 90.


Last night I discovered the fun of four-second-exposure photos (via my digital camera). Some are below. More will be at Flickr.

4 second exposed photo.

4 second exposed photo.

4 second exposed photo.

4 second exposed photo.


With traditional cameras, you worry more about changing your film than you do about changing your batteries. With digital cameras, you worry more about changing your batteries than you do about changing your “film”.


Photos of Manhattan Bridge from 1935 and 2001 (found via Kottke). What I find interesting is that the only thing that really seems to have changed is the fences. It’s as if, in 1935, there weren’t that many people crazy or irrational enough to jump or throw things into traffic or the river. But now in 2001, there are enough people crazy enough to do such things. Either that or people have always been that crazy, and back in 1935 they didn’t realize it that they need fences.

It is interesting to think about it. Which changed? The attitude of the majority of people, or that of the city planners?


Telecommuting rocks!

Rather than drive an hour or so to work, I can start my day an hour earlier. Rather than drive an hour or so home from work, I can end my day an hour later. That then leaves me with more and longer breaks durning the day. Throw in the benefit of not being distracted every so often when co-workers start up gossip sessions around where you’re working, and I must say that telecommuting rocks!


Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in my career: the Independent Contractor.

And I’ve got an LLC to go with it: House of Kaczmarek, LLC.