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Blah for 2005.01


If I was a settler (you know, back in those pioneering and settling days), I would have founded a city and named it “Somewhere”. That way when residents travel and someone asks them where they’re from they can say “Somewhere in Nevada” (or Arizona, or Oklahoma, or wherever I would have settled).


For those of you who have been wondering how you can download the Internet to your computer for easier viewing, I’ve found the link. You can download the Internet here.

(Found @ W3Schools.)


I found some cool optical illusions today. Make sure you check each one out. Some you have to concentrate on.


With telecommuting, there comes a high tendency to snack.

Dilbert cartoon showing Alice snacking on zesty italian dressing while telecommuting.

Although, these calories may be offset by another tendency of telecommuting... the tendency to get up and dance around when a good song comes on.


Four years ago today, both our lives became so much better.

Judy & Joe married four years ago today.

Happy Anniversary!


My mama no raise no dummies. My new pimp name gonna be “White Chocolate Pretty Boy”.

(Found @


Well, with class and work and not having much free time, life’s become pretty mundane for a while. So, rather than bore you all or not put anything here, I think I’ll put some old photos here each day until something interesting happens.

4 second exposure photo of Joe.


Damn New Year’s! It expired half our coupons!


I’ve now got just about enough Web development work that I don’t have enough time for casual Web and blog browsing. I also now have just about enough homework from my last Lynn University class, that I dont’t have enough time for my Web development work.

Something seems very wrong about all this.


Well, the holidays are finally over. We took down our Christmas tree and decorations tonight. It’s so sad looking around here now.


We just finished our 2005 budget. Ugh, we’re going to be so poor.


Why do I wish it was still two days ago? Maybe because this first weekend of the new year went by too fast to enjoy it.


Once more we take this stroll,
Another cycle around our Sol.
Once more we begin again,
Where we started, where we end.

Another year to reflect,
Another year to ponder;
Another year to try,
for another year of wonder.