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Blah for 2005.03


Excuses, excuses, excuses, I know. But it’s awfully hard to get motivated when your wife has been out of town at a four-day conference, and it’s so quite and lonely around the house.


Because I like you so, I found a site with links to the large versions of the Star Wars: Clone Wars, Volume 2. The site appears to be Polish, but you should be able to find the link to download the Quicktime .mov files. Enjoy:


I admit that I haven’t been keeping up with the Terri Shiavo case, but I do have a few questions about it.

  1. Are most of the people who are trying to keep Terri alive (including the religious organizations and the brothers Governor Jeb Bush and King George), are most of these people Republicans?
  2. Are they trying to keep Terri alive (despite her ability to actually experience life) in the hopes that one day medical science will find a miracle cure to restore her brain activity?
  3. Are these mostly Republicans the same people who want to (and have) suppress stem cell research and therapeutic cloning?
  4. Is it possible that stem cell research and therapeutic cloning may one day provide medical miracles such as re-growing somebody’s heart, lungs, spinal cords, and maybe even sections of the brain?
  5. What am I missing?


Although The Onion is fake news, sometimes what they write can be very poignant. For example, in this week’s “What Do You Think?” section, the question is about oil drilling in the Alaskan Arctic Wildlife Refuge. The fictional Loni Sweet has the most relevant and accurate thing to say:

If I may be allowed to pursue the idea of ‘addiction to oil,’ I think the nation just reached the point where we sold our wedding ring for one night’s fix.


This morning I had a really bad case of “morning amnesia”.

The first thing I knew was that there was this annoying sound coming from somewhere, and that it was getting louder. Before I even realized that I was sleeping, I recognized that the sound was coming from somewhere nearby. Next thing I knew, I had found the box the sound was coming from, but I didn’t have any idea how to get that buzzing sound to stop. Slowly, I realized that I had to press some button on it. By the time I started to realize that I had been sleeping and that it was now morning, I was glad that the snooze button is a large, easy-to-hit, button in the middle of the alarm clock.

Once the snooze button was pressed, my memories began to return to me. I remembered that the box was my alarm clock. I remembered where the snooze button was and where the off button was. I remembered that I went to sleep the night before, and that it was now the next morning. And I remembered that it was time to get up and get started with the day.


So it’s been a lazy month. It’s been a lazy month of catching up with great TV shows (such as 24, Carnivàle, Lost, Monk, and Samllville) I recorded during two months of class. It’s been a lazy month of playing a bit too much Star Wars Battlefront. It’s been a lazy month of relaxing too much durning my free time instead of getting to all the work that piled up while I was taking class. It’s been a lazy month, but it will have to soon change to a busy month.


The other day, my wife asked me if I wanted to get a tattoo. I said that, if I did, I would probably get a tattoo of a barcode on my ass. Then, when you scanned it, it would read: “Property of Judy Kaczmarek”.


Tonight we happened to catch an episode of Nanny 911. After seeing the whining children and the ineffective parents, I’ll say this much for the show: it sure is an effective method of birth control.


Yesterday we went to the Florida Renaissance Festival. Today I put some pictures from it up on Flickr.


Well, I just spent about half an hour watching, re-watching, and slow-motion-watching the trailer for Star Wars Episode III. I think I’m now ready to go to sleep until the movie premieres in May.

(Just kidding.)

(Well, maybe.)


Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife Judy!


I finally did an analysis of where my salary goes, and I came up with this chart:

Pie chart showing 50% Burberry, 24% necessities, 24% wife, and 2% myself.


I saw something strange on the way to work today. Standing on a street corner, there was a lady selling those U.S. flags on plastic poles that you attach to your car (see a Google image search for examples). While that may not have been so strange (people are always selling newspapers or flowers in this intersection), what was strange was that, in the same hand she was selling these U.S. flags, she was also selling Confederate flags.

I mean, when you think about it, they’re sort of contradictory to each other, and it makes you wonder what was the occasion or reason for her to be selling either flag (or even both).