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Blah for 2005.06


You know, I haven’t posted anything here in so long, I bet Judy’s sisters must think we’ve disappeared off the face of the planet.

But we haven’t... we’ve just disappeared into work & school.


Once again, my cooking motto is: Mistakes were made.


Somebody needs to exercise.
But if I exercise, then I’ll just be giving more power to the machines and making Neo and Morpheus and Trinity’s jobs harder.


You know, the more I learn about ASP.NET, the more I like PHP.


Well did they at least find the parents guilty of child neglect for leaving their kids with such a psycho? (Michael Jackson found not guilty.)


My notebook computer is starting to feel like a mobile home.


It comes that time again when a Floridian’s most important bookmark (or even browser homepage) is the National Hurricane Center / Tropical Prediction Center.


Hey, look at me... I’m a wookiee on Tatooine...

Screenshot of my character near C-3PO & R2-D2’s escape pod.

(Screenshot from Star Wars Galaxies. See more.)


Something I’ve been wondering for awhile.... Why does it sound like KFC is using music from “Sweet Home Alabama” in their current round of commercials?

(For those of you too young to remember, KFC really stands for “Kentucky Fried Chicken”.)


Whoa! A moving optical illusion: Rapid afterimage.


As Judy was reading to me from the article “Secret to wedded bliss — saying sorry”, I was already thinking to myself that the secret was two simple words: “Yes Dear”. Turns out I was right.