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Blah for 2005.07


Well I guess you could say that I’ve been away for awhile. I guess you could also say that I’ve been away at a galaxy far, far away.

Screen shot from the Star Wars Galaxies online game.


Though I’m not a drinking person, I can imagine that the “Hurricane Weatherman Drinking Game” might be fun. What you do is watch the weather reports during a hurricane, and whenever the weatherman says “feeder bands” or “hunker down”. And probably double shots (or chug?... I don’t know the drinking terminology) everytime the hood of their rain ponchos goes flying off from the wind.

Oh, and you can just imagine the fun if one of them were to say: “We’ve got to hunker down from these feeder bands which are hunkering down on us”.


I have know idea what they’re singing about in that new Shakira video (for “La Tortura”), but for some reason I know that it is the greatest music video I have ever seen.


I got choked by Darth Vader and all I got was this lousy screen shot.

Screen shot from the Star Wars Galaxies online game.

I guess I shouldn’t have sneered at him.