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Blah for 2005.08


It seems to me like they need to use adjective names for hurricane categories rather than just five numbers. I think it would give more emphasis to how much people need to prepare if the meteorologists used these adjective when talking about hurricanes (for each category):

  1. Troublesome
  2. Dangerous
  3. Severe
  4. Holy Shit
  5. We’re all gonna die!


Yes, I’ve been slacking off here again. But, at least in the interim I’ve been having fun....

Had my 30th birthday back in July (though I don’t know how much fun you would consider that, although I was surprised that they actually managed to light 30 candles on the cake)....

Joe’s 30th birthday party.

Had fun (and sweated like mad) at Judy’s office picnic just this past Saturday....

Lynn University picnic.

As well as having fun playing with my brother and his co-worker (Tom) in Star Wars Galaxies....

Screenshot from Star Wars Galaxies.


Well that wasn’t so hard. It was just a simple logic problem (figure one thing out, then use that to continue figuring out the rest). If you want, you can also try the Einstein “Whose Fish?” brainteaser.


This is so funny: a design critique of the alphabet. I especially like the entry for “U”: I have nothing good to say about this lazy piece of rocking shit. Both of them. Probably designed by whoever did the C.


My oh my have I been a way for a long time. And how quickly that time has passed.

Half of it passed away with a nice week-long vacation. We spent most of the time relaxing, although we did go to Disney World for my 30th birthday on Wednesday (2005.07.20). Although it was fun, this summer it wasn’t so much a magical kingdom as it was a sweat-fest.

Joe & Judy at Epcot.

The other half of my time away has been spent sadly saying good bye to one job while eagerly looking forward to a new one. Though I won’t start until next Monday (2005.08.08), I already know that this will be a big step forward with my career.