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Blah for 2005.10


POWER! We Have Power! It feels so good to finally have power again after almost five days.

We take so much for granted with eletricity. From having something to watch after (or with) dinner, to the ease of preparing dinner, to the amount of food we can keep for dinner or other meals with a refrigerator. As well as computers, phones (in our area landlines seemed to go down with the power), Internet, dishwashers, washing machines, hot showers, and here in South Florida, most beloved of all, air conditioning.

Ah, it feels so good to have all that back. And now that it’s back, here’s some photos we took of the aftermath of Hurricane Wilma.


Though it may be nice to have the day off work tomorrow because of hurricane Wilma, it would be even nicer if it was only a simple Category 1 hurricane.


I’m back, baby! I’m back!

After almost five weeks without my computer so that its screen could be repaired, I finally got it back today. But I’ve now learned my lesson, no more making a laptop computer my primary computer. If one part (like the monitor) fails on a regular desktop computer, no problem, just replace that part (or find a substitute until the part can be fixed) and keep working. Not with a laptop, or at least not with a laptop’s screen.

Oh, and one more thing... fuck Best Buy’s Geek Squad. My warranty was through Best Buy so I had to take it to them to get my computer fixed, but they didn’t fix it correctly. Sure the screen is working, but now its too bright at the bottom (almost all colors washed out) and just right at the top. The brightness is unbalanced from the bottom to the top of the screen, so no adjustments I can do can fix it. Well fuck it. I’m not sending it away again for who knows how many more weeks.


Goodbye Shep (1988-2005)...

You weren’t just man’s best friend, you were my first best friend.

And thank you, for visiting my in a dream one last time before you left.


I miss my computer.

That’s another reason I haven’t been around much. Two weekends ago we had to send my laptop in to have the screen fixed. A few days prior to that the backlight for the LCD screen died out. I had considered simply buying a regular flatscreen monitor and plugging that into the laptop as a replacement rather than having to ship my computer away for “two to three weeks”, but the fact remained that we had paid for the extra warranty and therefore we should get our money’s worth by getting it repaired.

Well, today starts the third week of being without my computer. And though I can (and sometimes do, like right now) use Judy’s computer (my older one), the performance just isn’t the same (Windows 98 vs. XP). So, I miss my computer....

But, at least I’m now on book 3 of 7 of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series.


In his attempt to take a shorter walking path to get the mail, she said: What are you, a keyboard looking for shortcuts?


Recently we signed up with Netflix with their one-movie-at-a-time deal. So now, one night of each week is movie night. Last night was Shaolin Soccer. To me, this was one of the funniest movies we’ve seen in a while... even with watching it in the original Chinese version and having to read English subtitles.