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Blah for 2005.12


Happy New Year’s!!!


Seriously, there has got to be something really seriously funky going on with the Earth’s climate (or else it is a really rare fluke) for there to be a Tropical Storm Zeta this far outside of the hurricane season.


The smell of popcorn is so seductive... even though I don’t like popcorn that much.

It calls out for you from the concession stands at the movie theaters, but its bits of shell gets annoyingly stuck between your teeth.

It entices you through the halls at work when someone makes it in the microwave, but it always disappoints you in the end when it tries to break your teeth with those unpopped kernels hidding in each handfull.

The smell of popcorn is like the Siren-call of snack foods: tempting, but dangerous.


Merry Christmas!!!


To all our friends and family that we didn’t get the time to send cards to: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Years.


How do you find a gift for a person that doesn’t even want to live?


What if you bought a gift card from a store that doesn’t take returns? Would they give you store credit?


Merry Solstice!


Thank you Jack Black for vindicating me. Yes, as you say in the DVD featurettes for The School of Rock, in musicals people do start singing for no reason. Or, as I also like to say, they sing what they would normally talk.


What’s nice about Florida is that the winters (where you actually have to turn on the heat instead of just turning off the air conditioning) don’t last very long. A few days here, several nights nights there, maybe a weekend or two.

But of course that rule doesn’t apply where I work. There it’s always winter. Frozen, jackets and sweaters and heating-pads, finger-numbing, bone-chilling arctic winter.


So now at McDonald’s you can pay with a smartcard-enabled Master Card so that you can pay “faster than cash”. Wait a second... we need our fast food faster?


Yes, once again time as slipped past me oh so quickly.

But I aim to mend that, or at least, if I don’t always have something to say, I’ll have something to show. Like how I did almost a year ago, I will turn this space partly into a photoblog.

Why? Simple: because I can prepare the photos in advance.