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A Glow

Bask, in the limelight of your theatre
   Pieces of the stage being set-up
      For the grand-opening of your future
   A love is on the way

Outside, a storm rages
   Violent and dark
Inside your audience waits
   A crowd hushed in
      Serene silence
   Under the static charge of anticipation

The curtains toward your fate
   Hang closed
      Heavily made from years of worry and fear
   Ornamented with the gossamer ropes
      That will tear them open to your destiny

As the time draws near
   The storm rages stronger
      And the lights dim toward the first act
   All feels at a loss

The infinite voices of your chorus
   Cry forth in a sound
      To blast open this amphitheater
   Rupture the storm to a blessed golden day
      And herald the first line
   Of your play eternal

This voice booms forth
   The words
      “I love you”