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Dream, Dream, Dream

Dream, dream your dreams away
Feel the oceans blow and sway
Cover your eyes
With gentle reprise
Dream, dream, and things seem the same

Hold your head up high and throw it down
Kick up the dust wherever you may roam
Wander around in placid forests
And lose touch with what you want
Give in, give in to your needs
Don’t be afraid, it’s not a disease
Let ’em fall and fade, and take you where they please
And dream, dream, and things will seem the same

Lose touch and it’ll be all right
There’s nothing there to give you fright
In your lost hopes and life’s desires
You’ll not find the answers you need
But give it up anyways
There’s no need in tryin’
And stick around
Life’s a blast
When you give in at last

Dream your dreams away
Give in, and give in, and
Dream, dream, dream
And things are the same
Give in
Things seem the same
Give in and dream
And things will seem
In your dream.