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East Of Nothing

I feel so pathetic, I feel so alone
I feel as cold as steel or stone
And you pass me by
I wanted to get out, I wanted to be more,
   for years, and years, and years
But without help, without a hand,
   it brought tears, and tears, and tears
And the clouds pass me by

Empty; inside
Crumbling; I wanna hide
As the world passes me by
I lie here, wanting to die

And I’m lost, in this living maze
As all have fun, I wait here dazed
And you pass me by
Where to begin, there’s no starting line
What I’ve done to myself, has always been mine
And the stars pass me by

And I don’t try, cause I fail
And I can lie, cause I’m stale
As life passes me by
I let it, and I cry.