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For The Girls

Just don’t remember anything more than nothing.

Placed out of place by mere circumstance and being.

Joined the ranks of misjudgment, incomprehension, and the hollow men; then
Graduated with supreme lack of dignity in the field of self-humiliation.

Remembering childhood is mostly a painful experience
Memories of someone of confusion and denial are the harshest.

Vexed into the roller coaster of doubling emotions
Very slippery ground makes a deep pit to fall into.

When again troubled by confusion and the aggravations of need of the want
Hell was shown to me to be true, and I made it a home.

Maybe the first questions are always the wrong ones
Although no one can know because questions change reality.

Sunshine my raise the soul, but the light is the
Perfect way to disguise deception, mistrust, and denial.

Then rose the sunlight so blissful
Killing a little boy so graciously.

Jubilation and triumph at long last,
Rescinded by such a minor difference.

Forget it, forget it all,
Underneath the sky which I alone live, I have learned to not
Care, not even care enough to try anymore
Knowledge of the problems does not help
If there is no substance to carry out the plans
Never will I return again to the
Ground where I’m buried

Inside and pleading
To someone to
Come and
Exile me from my own

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