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Here comes a light,
     Here comes a shadow.
          I throw around,
               I dance away.

Here comes a whisper,
     Here comes a cry.
          I stand my place,
               I fade away.

I block, I evade,
I alone, in my sentrywave.
I fall down, I stand up,
I withstand, in my sentrywave.

Been hurt before,
     Been hurt before,
          Been hurt before,
No more, in my sentrywave.

To change, to adapt,
To never open up.
To mold, to support,
To never fall apart.
To keep harm out,
To let peace in,
I surround myself, with this sentrywave.

Here comes morning,
     Here comes the night.
          I brace myself,
               I never stay.

Here comes another,
     Here comes nothing,
          I let it go,
               I drift by.