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Untitled #4

And I see to the edge of forever a sunset as bland as you
So soak it up and feel these words I now spill
To travel over a cloud in search of something new
I’ve tasted a destiny that has no freedom or will

And I thought about thinking and of you
And I dreampt about dreaming and of you
And I noticed what is real
I tried to feel
But it wasn’t part of the deal

The sunlight that has risen, in so many faces, so many places
A thought that has been wasted, to so many people, so many feeble
And we drank in the glow that is pain
And we bathed in the void of the rain
The rain, that we tried not to disdain

Forever and never, as something so new
Forever and never, burning into you
And I see to the edge of me
And I see into what can’t be