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Up To You

Would you let me peer through the window of your soul?
To gaze at the daisies and the stars,
And the whispers of your dreams?

Would you allow me to open the door to your heart?
To bask in the nectars and scents,
And soft caresses of your warm touch?

And would you permit me to enter the room of your love?
To share in the glow and joy,
And fulfillment that can only come from your sweetness?

Shall I wait? Shall I toy?
Shall I play the fool to win your love?
Shall I plead? Shall I submiss?
Shall I take up force to win your love?
Or shall you take me as I am?
And love me in truth and respect?

In this small shell, in this little boy,
Find calmness and passion.
In this tired body, in this worried face,
Find comfort and warmth.
In this frail package, in this fading mind,
Find a love forever.

Would you laugh and play? Would you hide and lie?
Would you cast a shadow upon this growing flower?
Would you be another? Would you be like the rest?
Would you ignore this soul that’s trying to shine?
Or would you take a chance? Would you give a hug?
And would you open your heart and show me love?