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Your Words

My dullness cuts like a knife
Your words
My burning, fever, fire, and spite
Your words
Feelings drop, pale
Meanings stop, wail

Sadness, blessed over me
Cold, cold comfort
Nagging rains
Drying up, wilting me
Vacant, void resort
Singing pains

Sitting here, waiting away
Will always be the same
Growing old, losing time
Crumbles like dust

Grasping out, reaching forth
Your words
Cling to air, feeling not there
Your words
Restless heart, shudder
Emptiness depart, never

And the stars blink out
And the sun grows dark
And the grass turns brown
And the wind doesn’t blow
And the flowers fall down
And the people lie down
And the heart sinks down
And the soul goes down
And the life is down
And the future is
Your words