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Blah for 2006.01


So I was thinking earlier when I was playing Civ IV how “IV” is Roman numerals for “4” and “civ” ends with “iv”, and I was thinking, if they ever come out with version 104 of the game, then it would be like Civ CIV (since “C” is Roman numeral for 100).
Boy, you are geeky.


Could the music (and movie) industry learn from chefs? Chefs who publish and broadcast and share their recepies so that everyone else can sample some of their creations, adapt them, and use them to create creations of their own?


So people with tribal tattoos... especially similar looking tribal tattoos... are they all in the same tribe?


Why is it that Hummers can weave in and out of traffic, but me in my little Honda Civic can’t? Maybe it’s because everybody gets out of the way of the Hummers.


Sometimes you wonder if it’s just breed into them (or inbreed to them)?

Tonight while getting dinner from Subway, it seemed like the guy in front of me wanted to really make sure everyone knew his white American preferences. When the sandwich maker asked him what type of bread, he made sure to tell her “white American bread”. When she asked what type of cheese: “white American”. At the end I was almost expecting his answer to “for here or to go” to be: “I’ll eat it here in white America”.


Why do cold medicines (like NyQuil) always seem to expire just before you need them again?


Don’t drink and drive? Hell, I can barely drive while full from a huge Sunday morning, all-you-can-eat brunch.

But officer, I can’t buckle my seat belt because I’m too full.

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