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A Big Hole In The Ground

These two men are walking through the woods one day and they come across a big hole in the ground. Now this hole is huge, like some sort of endless pit. So the one man says to the other, “I wonder how deep this hole is?”

He then proceeds to pick up a rock and toss it in the humongous hole. They listen... nothing. The other man then grabs a large stick and throws it in.... Nothing.

At this point the two men are really intrigued over this large hole. So they look around a little for something bigger to throw in, and they come across a railroad tie. They both grab an end, walk it over to the hole, and throw it in.

The men are looking down the hole when all of a sudden they hear this noise in the woods. They look over and see this goat running all over the place. It’s ziging and zaging between trees and going all over the place. Then it runs right up and dives into the hole.

Now the two men are thinking, what the hell was that? They had no idea what that goat was doing. So they decide to just keep walking.

A little ways down they run into a farmer, and the farmer asks them if they’d seen his goat. The two men tell him that they saw a goat come running out of the woods and jump into this huge hole. But the farmer says that couldn’t have been his, cause he tied his goat to a railroad tie.