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Ambiance Above God

Under the sun of a lesser god,
We drink and feast in the bounty that is pain.
And we toast to the sky;
     A vision that is more lonely than I.

And there’s a glow, in the palace of embers,
     that sings softly your name.
And there’s a light, in the truth of forever,
     that whispers softly for the same.

On a whim and desperation,
We split the impetus and lethargy of hope.
And we dream of a lie;
     That is more weary than I.

And some grace,
     Like the triumph of none;
Splashes a memory,
     A feeling so numb.
And some fool,
     Like a blessing of none;
Resurrects a martyr,
     A champion so dumb.

And in a sanctity we blessed you down,
Counting the sleep like some gray night.
Like limpid pools of melting thought,
Training us through our plight.

And there’s a dream, in the countess of insanity,
     that traces back to me.
And there’s a cry, in the thought of nowhere,
     that never wants to be.

In the vagueness of eternity,
We stroked the filaments of resignation.
And we wait for a cry,
     A whisper that is more empty than I.