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For Sale

An orphaned puppy, in the store window,
Alone in his cell, alone as no one can tell.
Someone walks by, looks in his window,
He wags his tail and jumps up, wishes to wail:
    “Hello stranger, hello beautiful
     I am here, I am nice
     I will love you, I will stay
     Let me greet you,
     Every time you come home.”
But she can’t hear him, and walks on by.

Another cold night, curled up tight.
Asleep like the dreamers, sleeping on torn newspapers,
Face down upon the shredded memories.

An orphaned puppy, in the store window,
Another day gone by, another chance to try.
The busy, busy mall, people come and go,
Yet no one stops today, no one stops to say:
    “Oh what a nice puppy
     How sweet, how dear
     And just bubbling with affection
     He’ll always treat me good
     He’ll always stay true.”
But no one will take a chance, with an orphaned puppy.

Another cold night, another cold night.
They have come, and they have gone.
Just one little puppy, who would have known?