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Whatever Archives

Originally, this Whatever section was going to be an area for me to write about something, anything (whatever) on a near-daily basis. From journal entries about my life, to reviews of movies I’ve seen, to short stories told in serial format. However, as the burdens and activities of real life took me more and more away from the computer, this section fell into disregard.

Going into the future, my hopes are that I’ll find some free time once again to keep this section updated. But not so much with trivial stuff like what’s happening in my life or what I find on the Web, but with more serialized short stories, essays, and other longer thoughts. (This statement written: 2004.04.04.)

Each entry below is in chronological order within it’s category. This way, you can easily progress from the beginning of a story/topic to the end. You can also view these archives in reverse-chronological order.


From My Life...

This section was/is more like a journal or online diary. It kind of gave way to the Blah section, because it became easier to write short blubs of thought than a whole page.

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Found It On the Web...

When I found something interesting on the Web, I would write about it here. However, as previously mentioned, for this type of content, my Blah section became a much easier vessel for these thoughts.

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A Review...

Here is where I give my reviews and opinions about movies or TV shows.

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Some Thoughts...

Serving as more of a “miscellaneous” category, these are entries where I just wanted to share some of my thoughts.

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It Was Just a Dream...

Sometimes I can remember quite a bit about my dreams when I wake up. These are ones I could remember enough of to write down.

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The Apartment Up the Stairs...

This was going to be a serial story (told like an online journal) about a lonely guy who’s apartment is being overrun by strange forces. This story was going to be a horror and suspense story. I didn’t have any major plans for this story (just a few ideas lurking under the surface), and I was going to let the story progress and take me where it wanted to go. Unfortunately, I never got the time to complete the story and to see where it wanted to go.

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At the Office...

This was going to be another serial story about a guy in an office with strict policies—and ID badges which enforce them. This was going to be a comedy story, and I did have more plans for it before real life distracted me from finishing it.

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Diary of a Civilization...

This was going to be a diary of my civilization’s progress, history, and activities while I played a game of Civilization II: Test of Time. As you can tell by these archives, I never got around to finishing it.

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