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It Was Just A Dream...

HUM (2000.09.15)

I had a dream that I met Hum.

It was kinda like at the MTV Video Music Awards, except it was like the party afterwards, and the setting was kind of like my parent’s house, only larger. I remember the dream blended into this part by me walking around like at a party. I think I remember their were musicians from bands there, everyone talking and snacking and drinking. Eventually I saw the members of Hum—only different. My dream-mind recognized and knew them as Hum, only I later (upon waking) realized that it wasn’t what they really look like (in my dream they were scruffier looking with stubble-beards). But then again I think that in my dream it was them when they were younger and Hum was in its beginnings.

In my dream I first just passed by them as the were leaving the party. As they did so, my mind also understood that this was them leaving the scene—the music scene—breaking up... no more Hum. After they passed I came to someone else. I don’t know who this was, but he was the instigator of their breaking up. All I really remember now is that he was like a critic, saying that they weren’t popular and that their music wasn’t any good.

Dreams are strange. I remember that after this, after watching Hum go away and seeing this man dislike them, I became upset. I remember that I wanted to do it again. Replay what happened almost, and this time make it right. But it wasn’t so much a replay of what happened as it was the event happening again but this time different.

I passed by them again, only this time I stopped them to talk to them. Also, I didn’t see the guy who was criticizing them the first time (or I missed him as he passed by) but I did talk to a friend of his and told him about how great Hum was (I remember mentioning about how “Ms. Lazarus” was just a B-side, but then they redid it and made it better for Downward Is Heavenward). Next thing I did was talk more with Hum about how big a fan I was of their music.

During that time and after the dream blended into some other subject (location, goal, etc) but I had left with a bunch of Hum bumper stickers that they gave me.

After that dream, in the morning, I did have a feeling of missing Hum. I never got to see them in concert. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard anything about them, and searching now I found this piece of news (from January 2000) saying that they’re not broken up, they’re just on hiatus.

I hope so.

I really love their great music.

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