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Qode Flash Movies (2000.09.22)

More like I uploaded it to the Web.

Tonight we uploaded another Qode flash movie. You can find it here, on the Qode Sites and Services page.

The Qode movies are used to describe and demonstrate and introduce the different parts of Qode in a way greater than just flat text and graphics can. They’re made by one of our company’s designers, Alex. Some of them are to show consumers what the Qode system can do, and some are like sales presentations to investors. But all of them have the same style that was started so long ago.

I remember when I first saw the first Qode movie Alex put together. Greg was looking for a Qspot (our company’s term for the “Flash commercials” we create) for Qode. The designers were putting together different flash movies, but it was Alex’s that was the best and became the style for the rest to follow.

At that time (less than a year ago but ages in Internet time) most of the flash movies we saw were one’s like Turbonium and Balthaser. Hi-tech, fast-paced, techno-ish sound. Fast, flashing images and text. Stuff like that. But what Alex made with that first Qode movie was completely different. It used swing music. The graphics were cartoon-line line-art drawings. It was unlike any flash movie I had seen at the time. And as everyone noticed... the music from the movie stuck in your head.

Since then there have been at least six (I think this new one is the seventh) Qode movies. And they continue to be entertaining and unique.

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