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The Apartment Up the Stairs...

There and Gone (2000.09.25)

I called the police today. This time there was somebody in my house. I saw her. I saw her and then she vanished. Right there in front of my eyes. I opened up my door, walked inside, saw her in the hallway, she turned around shocked, and then she just blinked out of existence. Just like that. She was there, and then *blink* she was gone. No flash of light. No vortex. Just there and then gone.

The police don’t believe me. They found no signs of a forcible entry and no signs that anyone else has been here. They think I’m paranoid. Yes I’ve been working long stressful hours recently. Yes I’ve been getting little sleep and I haven’t eaten right. But I’m telling you that I saw her. She had light brown hair. She was of medium build. And all I remember of what she was wearing (I only saw her back and then a look of shock on her face and then she disappeared) was that she had on some sort of a utility vest—something with instruments in the front pockets.

I told the police about how there was someone here the other night, but they still won’t believe me. After what I saw I’m starting to not believe it myself. Maybe I am losing my mind. But it doesn’t feel like I am, and I know (I remember vividly!) what I saw. And there’s this gut feeling in me that says that what happened was real, that there was somebody here.

The police left a little while ago. They dusted the place looking for fingerprints. They searched the neighborhood and the building. But they found nothing. I’ve asked if they could have somebody watch the place tonight (so that I might maybe get some sleep (which I doubt)) and they said OK. I also asked if they could have somebody watch the place tomorrow while I’m away at work. They agreed to that also, but said that if they didn’t see anything the wouldn’t be able to do anything else until something happened.

I’ve never felt more wide awake like I do now. Seeing somebody completely disappear—disappear with no trace and no special effects—really snaps your fear and awareness into attention.

I’m going to lie own down, try to close my eyes. I hope that she tries to come back tomorrow and that the police catch her. Then I’ll have some answers and an end to this paranoia.

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