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Watching TV and Updating Links (2000.09.27)

Tonight, instead of getting into a creative mode and thinking out the next part of my “The apartment up the stairs” story-line, I decided to relax and watch Raiders of the Lost Ark on SciFi.

Tonight, instead of being creative and adding more to that story-line, I also decided to update some links. While doing this, I came apon a very cool site (very cool for me at least). A while ago I got an e-mail from someone in Germany telling me that he makes mp3 music and that he would like to use my poetry for some of his music. I said OK to this and asked for some mention of credit. Tonight I revisited his site and not only did I find him crediting me for the lyrics, but I also downloaded the song he used them in and was pleasently surprised. I never realized that something so cool could be done to/with the lines of my poetry.

Frank Atzori (a.k.a.: Master62) is the name of the musician, and his Web site is Go check it out.

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