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The Apartment Up the Stairs...

Back to Normal? (2000.10.01)

Things are getting weirder... I’ll explain.

Today was another long day of work. I slept here at work last night, but only a few people noticed I was wearing the same clothes. I couldn’t let them see me with the same things on again another day, so I had to go home and get some new clothes. I knew it wouldn’t be easy. After what happened last night I was very scared of going anywhere near that building. But I figured if I took an early dinner break from work, and went home while it was still light out, maybe things wouldn’t be so bad (and things wouldn’t be hiding in the dark).

When I got home I was going to make a quick run into and out of my apartment just to get some clothes (though I carried the crowbar from my car with me). I ran up the stairs, into my apartment, and turned on the lights. I was hoping so much that things would be back to normal. That my tired mind had a terrible dream last night. When I saw that pink box still on the counter my strength fell out of me with the loss of that hope. But now it was different. There were little black bugs running into and out of that box. They looked like ants, only more complex. And they were walking in straight lines radiating out from the box to all the reaches of my apartment. I moved close to take a peek inside the box. The brain was still inside of it, except now it was beginning to look almost metallic. I almost thought I saw small lights flashing inside of it.

I decided to get out of my apartment as quickly as I could. I grabbed as many clothes and necessary items as I could carry. As I was walking out of the apartment, my glance passed over the TV. Suddenly, as if the dark clouds in my head opened up to a clear day, I had a revelation. All these past times when I could come home and the TV was on, I never paid attention to what it was on to. Now I remembered: Jeopardy!. Every time I came home and that TV was on, Jeopardy! was on. The next thought in my head after that was the old man downstairs. I left my apartment and went to go see if he was still lying there on the floor as he was yesterday.

What I saw surprised me even more. He was back in his recliner. His head was back together and there was no blood on the floor. He looked like he was sleeping. As I stood there looking at him, the TV came on. Jeopardy! came on and the old man woke up and began laughing at it.

After I saw that I left and came back here to work. I need sleep. I’m going to sleep here tonight and as long as I can. Tomorrow I should try to call the police again, this time make them see what’s happening in my apartment.

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