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Miscellaneous Links (2000.10.12)

This is so funny: My Homepage. I hurt myself laughing so hard.

I found it from a link from a link from a link... but you know how that story goes.

This page is obviously a spoof, but it’s still so very funny. After I got done laughing (and crying from laughing so hard), I wondered if this might be the next one of those brief Internet hits. You know, in the spirit of others such as: the dancing baby, the hampster dance, the alien song, and Superfriends: Wazzzzup! I wonder this because of how, after reading it, I had the urge to share the humor with my co-workers, who then spread it through e-mail to people they thought would enjoy it. I don’t know how long this page has existed, but if it is new, and if it does spread, it will be interesting to watch its spread, watch it develop as a meme (Kottke has lots about memes starting here), and so on and so forth.

And if not, at least it’s hilarious.

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