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Oktoberfest and Bridal Show (2000.10.22)

Last night (after a full day of shopping) we (Judy & Joe) went to the Oktoberfest at the American German Club of the Palm Beaches. This was Judy’s first time to an Oktoberfest, and her first introduction to the “Chicken Dance.”

My brother Adam was there. He told me that he has been reading this section (“whatever”). He asked me if I was trying to be a writer. No, I just sometimes think of story ideas or stuff to write about and want some place to write about them. (Why I chose the daily format when I only sometimes think of something to write about is beyond my comprehension.) So now thanks to him I have further incentive to carry on the story-lines I’ve already started (I don’t know how) and to start new ones.

Today me and Judy went to a Bridal Show. We picked up tons of brochures and flyers and business cards from vendors ranging from dresses and gowns to limos and hotels. And we entered into every one of their drawings. And we won nothing. But we did get to try cake and grab some cookies.

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