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The Michael Richards Show (2000.10.24)

Tonight was the premier of The Michael Richards Show on NBC. I wish I could say good news about this show. Michael Richards is funny in such roles as Kramer on Seinfeld, Fejos in Transylvania 6-5000, and Doug Beech in Airheads—all of which I’ve seen. So, you would expect him to be funny in this show. You would also hope that he wouldn’t be doing the same Kramer material that he’s so well known for.

In this new show Michael Richards plays private detective Vic Nardozza. While Vic is not Kramer, he still does share the same physical comedy that Michael Richards is known for. But if the character is Vic Nardozza, and if the show is about an office of private detectives (the show did not follow Vic exclusively), why name it The Michael Richards Show? That places the focus of the show on Michael Richards’ character and the success or failure of that character.

And if the show doesn’t eventually (after the first season, I expect that because it’s Michael Richards they’ve already shot and are contracted for a whole season) because of the focus being The Michael Richards Show and not a show about an office of private detectives (which the character Vic is a part of), then it will likely fail by it’s not-so-great comedy. There were only a few parts of the show funny enough to make me laugh (and I do have a sense of humor). But yet the show had an audience (or a laugh track) laughing throughout the show—even at unfunny dialog.

So, I’ll continue to watch it to give it a second and a third chance, but if I miss it or stop watching it, it won’t be a big deal to me.

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