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From My Life...

West Virginia Vacation (2000.11.13)

It’s been over a week since I’ve added to this. I won’t go into any great detail, but I’ll summarize what’s happened.

2000.11.03 (Friday)

We (myself and Judy) took this day off work to get packed and ready for our afternoon flight to West Virginia to visit my mother (LuAnn) and step-father (Tom) for the weekend. The flight was actually to Columbus, Ohio; and after meeting my mom and Tom in the airport, it was a three hour drive to their house in West Virginia.

2000.11.04 (Saturday)

Spent the day visiting parents and Huntington, West Virginia. Took lots of pictures. Mom showed Judy my baby book and old (and embarrassing) pictures (I guess it’s a mom’s job).

2000.11.05 (Sunday)

3 hours driving to the airport in Columbus, Ohio. An hour flight from Columbus, Ohio to Detroit, Michigan. 4 hour flight from Detroit, Michigan to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

2000.11.06 (Monday)

From the sleeping two nights on an overfilled waterbed with a pillow as thin as a sheet, and from the two flights in cramped seats with my head to tall over the seats to get proper neck support, by Monday morning my neck was hurting (and we both were sore all over) that we had to skip work. Spent part of the day with an ice pack on my neck and taking headache pills.

2000.11.07 (Tuesday)

After all the soreness and travel and weather change... I woke up with a cold. Had to miss work because of sickness. Judy went to work, and I helped with my job duties when I could by telecommuting.

2000.11.08 (Wednesday)

Still sick but recovering.

2000.11.09 (Thursday)

Well enough to go back to work, but at night still tired.

2000.11.10 (Friday)

More Election 2000 comedy at work. At night we went to a wedding of a friend of Judy’s from college. It took forever to start (we got their on time, it started over an hour later). Got home late and tired.

2000.11.11 (Saturday)

Judy had to go to a sorority meeting down in the cockles of Miami. I used the time to do some cleaning around the apartment. We she got back we did some laundry, made dinner, and then went to see Charlie’s Angels (good fun movie, worth recommending and seeing again).

2000.11.12 (Sunday)

Went to brunch with my dad and step-mom. The restaurant was the one in the Marriot up in Delray right by the beach. The had a whole room for brunch filled with so much food. Tons of different breads and pastries. Appetizer items and seafood and even sushi. Bacon and sausage and waffles and somebody making omelettes. Eggplant parmesan and prime rib and Hawaiian fried pork. Key lime pies and chocolate cakes and tons of other desserts and fruit. There was so much stuff it was almost an overload for the eyes. We had three plate fulls and left so stuffed. We spent the rest of the day dress shopping for a dress for Judy for our wedding. During the whole day I was exhausted just from the brunch. Relaxed at night watching Fox.

And now today...

Tonight is our wedding planning night. So all I have to say for today is this summary of the past week.

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