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Netscape 6 (2000.11.14)

Netscape 6 has been released.

Whether it stands up to be the standards compliant browser it means be to will be determined in time.

Whether it regains the foothold over Internet Explorer it once held in browser popularity will be determined in a very long time (most people use Internet Explorer now because it comes pre-installed on Windows machines).

Whether I use it for anything other than e-mail (which is what I use Netscape 4.x for now) will be determined as I test-drive it some more. So far from my experience (I downloaded it at work on my PC and then visited my site and a few others) it:

  1. Takes longer to launch the software (-)
  2. Has customizable skins which is nice (+)
  3. Runs slower than the previous version, like when switching back to it from other applications (-)
  4. Supports the standards I enjoy in Internet Explorer, namely CSS and A:hover effects (+)
  5. Renders some defaults differently than Internet Explorer or previous Netscape (which rendered defaults like the space above and below a heading tag the same) (-)

I’ve got to test it some more, and tweak my site some more to match it and Internet Explorer 5 (which is fine but I don’t want my changes that I make to improve the site for Netscape 6 to break them for IE5). If you’re looking for more info about Netscape 6 from Web site designers who care about standards, then visit these sites:, k10k news, and a discussion at

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