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Red Planet (2000.11.18)

Last night we saw Red Planet.

Why can’t they make a good Mars movie? Granted, it did have some cool special effects and an interesting (though sometimes inaccurate) view of the Martian surface; but, never underestimate Hollywood’s ability to make everything go wrong during a space mission.

Red Planet is the Armageddon of Mars movies (while Mission to Mars is the Deep Impact). Mission to Mars spent time with the characters to develop the human perspective and tried to stay closer to scientific accuracy (even though the focus of the movie that the commercials hyped about just kind of fizzled out at the end). But Red Planet is just like Armageddon in it’s use of making every disaster and catastrophe and problem that could happen during the mission actually happen. I won’t ruin suspense parts of the movie for anyone (since the action and suspense is the only thing to see in this movie), but I’ll say that the commercials only show one (a killer robot) of the (at least) five different major disasters in this movie.

So if you liked Armageddon with everything going wrong and lots of action and wondering if they’re going to survive, then see Red Planet; but if you’re like me, you’ll still be waiting for a good Mars movie.

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