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Exercising and Muvico Dinner (2000.11.27)

It’s been a long time since I’ve written here, but it’s been a nice relaxing weekend.

Tonight me and Judy began walking after dinner. It’s my idea to put some fitness and weight-loss into my life. Judy has already been going to the gym about three times a week, but now I need to get some more exercise than just typing and moving the mouse around. I wonder how long we (mostly me) are going to be able to keep this up. Hopefully until I can fit into the pants I once used to wear.

I don’t know if we’ll walk tomorrow though. We plan to see Unbreakable at The Premier Theaters at the Muvico Palace 20 here in Boca Raton. We’ve been meaning to see a movie in The Premier for a while now, but it was during this weekend when we saw Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas that we saw that the restaurant for The Premier—Bistro & Bar—was serving osso buco. I’ve had this before at a restaurant in Boca (which closed several years ago), Addison’s. The meat is so tender that you barely even need a fork to slice into it. It is so delicious. And I’ve never had it since Addison’s closed. But, at the Muvico, the menu showed that it was one of the items the rotate every other Friday. Since we saw it there Saturday, that means that we’ve only got until this Friday to go there and try it. So we’re going tomorrow.

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