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It Was Just A Dream...

Highlanders and Jedi (2000.12.17)

Last night I had a dream about Luke Skywalker from Star Wars.

It began with me seeing some Star Wars magazines that were like those Star Wars books which tell the story after Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi. From seeing the cover of one which showed Luke Skywalker (but with all the aging that Mark Hamill has gone through), my dream then shifted into that universe.

I was watching as Luke was walking over some rocky ground near an ocean/beach. He then came across some bad guys beating up on an old man. Luke spoke to them in some long-winded English tone (that was probably in my dream from just seeing Robin Hood: Men In Tights the night before). He told them about how he has business to attend to other than them, but he will stop them for what they are doing (and they were going to fight him anyways). They all had swords while Luke had a lightsaber, but when Luke lit up his lightsaber, it was fritzy, like Obi-Wan’s in Star Wars IV: A New Hope. It was then that he said something I couldn’t make out, fired his blaster at his lightsaber which sent a fireball streaking through the sky (leaving a stream of smoke behind it) and crashing into the ocean in a burst of steam. A moment afterwards it streaked straight back up into the sky, bounced around in the sky a bit, and then exploded in a cloud of smoke. To this a group of Jawas which had risen out of the sand pointed to the sky making an ooooh sound. From the cloud of smoke in the sky came a horse with a man on it. He landed behind the bad guys and across from Luke.

It was Sean Connery, or more importantly, his character (Ramirez) in Highlander. He said to Luke something about how they (meaning the dead immortals) should not be called unless you’re faced with highway bandits. Luke (in his indulgent English tone) said that this is a time like that as this group of thugs has become more than he and his lightsaber can handle (they were now six or seven instead of the three that he first came across). Ramirez started fighting these guys while Luke, trying to get his lightsaber to work, struck a nearby large rock with his lightsaber. The lightsaber cut a big chunk out of the rock, which revealed a woman embedded in it.

Things got both fuzzy and complex here—in the way that dreams don’t just happen linearly, but the way your mind will have memories that relate to the dream, even though you haven’t dreamt them. This woman (as I remembered from previous episodes or from Luke’s saying so) was the one person who controlled the traffic into and out of this planet (which itself came to me in memory when Ramirez arrived—this was Earth, and instead of being a long time a go in a galaxy far, far away; this meant that Star Wars was based in our galaxy in a future millions of years into the future, with the Jedi knights being the descendants of the immortals of Highlander).

At the point of this revelation, I became aware of Luke’s mission to rescue these German girls which had been kidnapped and held for ransom. The scene took a divergent to see what the kidnappers were up to, and how they had frozen these girls and were getting ready to transport them off the planet. Back to Luke, I saw that the woman he unveiled in the rock was actually spying on him (she built the rock around her), and now she was getting ready to leave. Meanwhile, without Luke fighting the bandits, Ramirez was getting defeated (he only had his sword since he was from before the time of lightsabers). They mananged to grab him, and then they cut his throat with their swords. Ramirez fell to the ground, and Luke rushed to his side. Luke pulled out a sensor device and saw that he wasn’t dead yet. So, Luke pulled out a device that went into Ramirez’s ear, deep into his head where he was still alive; and with this Luke told Ramirez about how that woman was the controller of all traffic on this planet and how he had to save the German girls.

After that I left the dream, I saw Judy’s face, and realized I was back in the store that had the Star Wars books and magazines.

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