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Diary of a Civilization...

Part I (2000.12.28)

(This story-line is based on the game Civilization II: Test of Time.)

It was a time of glory. Our three nomadic tribes had formed a union, voting me, Joek, as our immortal leader. We called ourselves the Junipair and together we had the knowledge of irrigation, mining, and roads. I knew our first priority would be to settle in one spot and create a city. To the northwest there was an area of grassland with open water to the east and west. There we founded the city of Trin de Syd, meaning “City of Three” to memorialize the three tribes that formed our proud people.

With our city founded, our next goal was to get a group of Warriors together to explore the land around us. At this time also the wisest men of our people came to me with ideas of research they wanted to pursue. Of their ideas I told the to pursue Bronze Working so that we could make use of this stronger material.

When our first warriors were gathered I sent them to explore the land to our north. To follow the western shore and see what was out there. My next goal for our city would be to gather together more Settlers. I knew that for our people to be great, we would need many cities expand our prosperity, culture, and civilization.

When the wise men of our city discovered bronze working, I set them on the next task of creating an Alphabet so that we would be able to communicate our ideas more effectively.

After exploring the western shore for some distance, I ordered the warriors back inward, to explore more of the interior land to the north. Along the way the stumbled upon some huts. These turned out to be another tribe. I invited them to join our civilization and they agreed. The name of their city is Veii. I instructed them to gather their own band of warriors to help explore the land around us. With this new city added to our civilization, I ordered Trin de Syd’s warriors to return home (by way of the eastern shore) and to begin exploration of the land to our south.

When Trin de Syd had our new group of settlers ready, I instructed the people of the city to build Barracks so that we can train warriors with our learned technology of bronze working so that we can gather an army of Phalanx to defend our noble capital city. The new settlers I sent to the north, to the edge of our explored land to found a new city. I know that it is dangerous to build a city so far from the center of our civilization—let alone at the edge of unexplored land— but each city has a wide reach for the resources of the land around it. I do not wish for these reaches to overlap, thus making neighboring cities compete for resources.

The the wise men of the Junipair created an alphabet, I next guided them to gain the knowledge of Masonry. They tell me that this will help us to build larger structures using stone, and I already have some ideas for large buildings (Pyramids) to store food for our civilization. I also have an idea of building large stone City Walls to help protect our cities.

After Veii gathered together a band of warriors, I ordered the city to gather together settlers (expand our civilization) and the warriors to explore the land to the east.

When Trin de Syd’s settlers reached the nice grassland to the north and along the western shore, I ordered them to found a city. They named it Siu. I told them to build a group of phalanx so that they can firstly defend themselves in their far away land. At this time also our warriors to the south have discovered that Trin de Syd lies at the end of a peninsula with little land to the south. I looks like, for now, all our growth will be to the north. I sent those warriors to the north to Siu and beyond.

With the knowledge of masonry now gained by our wise men, I next set them on the course of Ceremonial Burial. Respectful burial of our deceased will help ease the sorrow hearts of the departed’s loved ones. And with the completion of the first barracks in Trin de Syd, they are now beginning to form an army of phalanx to defend the city.

In the land to the east, our warriors came across some huts. Exploring these they found nothing but the technology of the people who once lived here. This knowledge is known as Mathematics, and with it our wise men say we can build Catapults as an offensive weapon against attackers or our enemies. Luckily, we have neither. At this point I ordered those warriors to head back to the west and explore the land to the north of Veii.

By the time our warriors heading north entered Siu, that city had gathered together our first phalanx unit. I ordered them to fortify in the city and defend it, and the city to gather together a band of settlers so that we can found yet more cities for our growing civilization. Shortly after this Veii had their own band of settlers. My next goal for Veii is to build barracks so that they can train a fine army of phalanx to defend their city. I sent the settlers to the open land the warriors discovered to the northeast of Veii.

By the year 840, our civilization had grown to 100,000 citizens.

When Trin de Syd completed their first phalanx unit, I ordered the beginning of a massive project. When it would be done it would be known as a Wonder of the World. Giant Pyramids to help store food for our entire civilization. City planners and advisors warn me that this project could take some 50 years to construct, but I know that it will be for the good of our people.

To the northeast of Siu, our warriors stumbled upon another grouping of huts. In these they found nothing but knowledge from an ancient tribe. This knowledge is known as Pottery and it will allow us to build things with clay. So far, from the exploration of our two bands of warriors, we can see that the northern land breaks into a Y-shape. One branch goes north of Siu and Veii while the other heads to the east. Our warriors will explore both these branches of land.

Meanwhile, Veii’s settlers have found a nice area of plains to along the eastern shore. I ordered them to settle here, and they named their city Tull. I ordered them to continue with our civilization’s growth policy. First build phalanx to protect yourself, then settlers to found a new city.

After discovering Ceremonial Burial, I next set the wise men of Junipair to research Horseback Riding. Our civilization is growing fast and we will need faster travel than our feet to travel our great empire. Siu completed their first settlers, so I ordered them next to construct barracks. The phalanx currently protecting their city have not been trained in proper facilities. I want to make sure that we have well trained armies defending our cities for the long term. I sent them northeast of Siu, to found a city in the bay of this Y-shaped land we live upon.

Our warriors to the east discovered a small village of mercenaries willing to join our people. They are Archers and I sent them to explore to the north while the warriors will continue to the east.

Siu’s settler’s found an area of grassland to settle on, and founded the city of Deneb.

In the year of 1180 travelers have informed us that another civilization calling themselves the Americans have begun an great project known as Colossus. This does not concern us that much as we have our own great project we are in the midst of: the growth of our civilization. This year also granted us the knowledge of horseback riding thanks to the Wise Men of Junipair. Their next goal: Writing.

With our empire spreading wide across this land, I realized that it is important to connect our cities with roads. When Veii finished putting together a unit of phalanx to defend their city, I ordered them to gather together settlers with one purpose: to build roads between our cities.

The year 1240 saw our civilization prosperous with 200,000 citizens. And that prosperity grows as our archers, exploring the north, have found another tribe. They’ve joined our culture with their city of Pompeii.

More travelers have informed us that another civilization, the Egyptians, have started a great project called Hanging Gardens. Our warriors to the north have found some huts containing minerals with 50 gold, and our warriors exploring to the east have found the eastern edge of this land. They shall now head north along this coast.

Travelling to the west, in the land of the north, our warriors have discovered yet another group of huts. In them they have found more wisdom left behind. This wisdom has granted us the knowledge of Map Making. The Wise Men of Junipair inform me that with this knowledge we can build Triremes to explore the waters off our coasts. I shall order the next city with production available to build a unit of triremes.

Veii has built settlers to build roads connecting our cities, but unfortunately that city does not lay on a coast and cannot build a trireme unit. So I ordered them to begin construction of another great project (this after hearing more travelers’ reports that both the Americans and the Egyptians have abandoned their great projects). I have ordered Veii to begin construction of a Great Wall. This Great Wall will provide all our cities with the protection of a city wall. Sure, it will take 150 years to construct, but Veii is a growing city, and our civilization a growing one.

At this time the year is 1400. I shall put a break in this diary for now and continue later. And I shall provide a map of our knowledge of the land around us.

Junipair, year 1400

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