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Diary of a Civilization...

Part II (2000.12.30)

(This story-line is based on the game Civilization II: Test of Time.)

It has been 1,400 years since our civilization, the Junipair, have risen from three nomadic tribes. We have grown to six cities (Trin de Syd, Veii, Siu, Tull, Deneb, and Pompeii), with much land before us to still settle into. But I have noticed a short-sightedness on my part. It appears that the northern branch of this land we are on lays between to open bodies of water. If these are separate oceans, than I would like to build an isthmus city—one that borders both coasts so that in the future boats my pass from one ocean to the other without having to circumnavigate the entire continent. But the problem lays in the fact that I ordered the city of Deneb to be built too close to this isthmus point to allow an isthmus city without overlapping the resource land of both cities. I will have to explore the land around these bodies of water to determine if an isthmus city is really required. The land to the north appears more vast than the land to the east, I will order the warrior unit exploring the east to head west and help explore the land to the north.

When the Wise Men of Junipair discovered writing, I next set them on the course to develop Currency so that our economy might grow stronger beyond just bartering goods.

In the year 1460 the population of Junipair grew to 300,000 citizens.

Siu became the first city with production available to build a trireme unit. When this is ready we will send Siu’s untrained phalanx unit to explore the coast we can see just past the waters on our western coast.

In the year 1600 we sent Tull’s settlers to found a new city east of Tull and south of Pompeii. They named this city Yavin. Our exploration does reveal that our northern stretch of land just might be between two oceans. We will explore further, but it may look like we will have to build an isthmus city overlapping the land being used by Deneb.

In the year 1720 the Wise Men of Junipair developed currency. I have next ordered them to develop a Code of Laws to better the culture of us Junipair. Also in this year, in the north, our warriors have discovered a tribe of mercenaries who wish to join our civilization. They are archers and will help us explore this vast land to our north.

This year is a momentous time in the history of the Junipair! Trin de Syd has finished the great project of building the Pyramids. Now we an store enough food for our entire civilization. It is a glorious time throughout this land. I have next ordered Trin de Syd to gather more settlers. A fine city like this should send its people out to help build more fine cities. This year of 1740 also brought our civilization’s population up to 400,000 citizens.

When Deneb built settlers the time had finally came for me to decide on an isthmus city. Looking at the land it is obvious that we will need to connect these two large bodies of water through one city. Even if the open water to the east is just a very large body of water landlocked inside our continent, we will still need to provide a way for ships from waterfront cities to move outwards into the more vast ocean. I have decided to order Deneb’s settlers to found an isthmus city.

Siu has completed our first naval vessel, a trireme unit. I will send this unit with Siu’s untrained phalanx to explore the land to our west, and to explore the waters around us.

In unexplored land just to the north of Deneb, our warriors have discovered another tribe of mercenaries wishing to join our civilization. These horsemen will greatly help us to explore our land with their speed. I am sending them to explore the vast land to the north. Meanwhile, I have grave news to report. Our archers exploring the north had stumbled upon a tribe of barbarians. Our archers fought bravely and managed to destroy two units of these barbarian horsemen, but they last the battle against the third unit of barbarians. Now we need to make sure that our warriors are cautious to prevent these barbarians from approaching our cities.

In the year 1820 Deneb’s settlers founded the isthmus city of Wae de Syd (“City of Water”).

The year 1840 saw our population grow to 500,000 citizens. The Junipair are a prosperous and proud people.

More mercenaries. This time these archers were discovered in the eastern branch of our continent, and the land north of Pompeii.

More danger arises for our people. Our horsemen have ran across another tribe of barbarians. They are five units of horsemen, and they were discovered just to the northwest of Wae de Syd. If our horsemen can’t stop them, then it will be up to our nearby warriors to either stop them, or hurry in to defend Wae de Syd.

Our horsemen fought bravely, but they were no match for the last two units of barbarian horsemen. I am ordering our warriors to quickly rush into Wae de Syd to defend that new and defenseless city. And the sorrow for the Junipair grows. Our trireme unit, exploring the water south of Trin de Syd wandered too far from the shore. They became lost at sea.

With the completion of Trin de Syd’s settlers, I have ordered that city to join Siu in building a Marketplace to give our people a place to shop and trade.

The year 1920 brings us mixed emotions. Our people are prosperous at the development of Code of Laws, and I have ordered the Wise Men of Junipair to research Literacy so that all our people will be able to read and learn. But in this year we also have two barbarian horsemen bearing down on Wae de Syd. Our hope is that our warriors enter the city in time to defend it.

1960, sad times. Our warriors made it to Wae de Syd in time, but only right before the barbarian attack. Our isthmus city was destroyed. Our next closest city to them is Deneb. I have ordered Deneb to quit production of barracks and to quickly gather together another unit of phalanx. I have even given the city money from our treasury to quickly organize this second phalanx unit to defend the city. Meanwhile, Veii’s settlers who have so far connected Veii, Trin de Syd, and Siu with roads, are also in the open and may be attacked by these barbarians. I have ordered them to return to Siu to weather out this storm.

The year is 2020. Deneb’s two phalanx units successfully defended their city against one of the barbarian horsemen, but the second has just arrived outside the city. In the land far to the northeast of Pompeii, our archers have discovered a tribe wishing to join our civilization. They have founded the city of Hispalis. This city is the farthest from the rest of the cities and I fear for its defense. Also, the city is very close to what looks like another great isthmus spot, but like Deneb, it is close enough to cause an overlap of city resource land. Meanwhile, over on the land across the western sea from Trin de Syd, our exploring archers have discovered a wandering tribe that also wants to join our civilization. These people have formed a group of settlers. Unfortunately, since our trireme became lost at sea, I cannot bring these settlers to our continent. I will have to tell them to settle somewhere along their eastern coast, to the west of Trin de Syd.

In 2040 Deneb’s phalanx have won against the barbarian invaders. But it is still a sorrow time at the lost of Wae de Syd. But I will not let that isthmus city go. Either Siu or Deneb will have to gather together more settlers to re-found that isthmus city, this time using one of Deneb’s valiant phalanx units. Or I’ll send Veii’s road-building settlers, once they complete a road between Siu and Deneb. But for now it is time to close this diary, and complete another map of our vast-explored land.

Junipair, year 2040

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